Kansas City Newsie Shares Colon Story

We're linking this story if only to demonstrate that social media confessionals have transformed the American discourse . . . However, apropos for #TBT, we could never forget Katie Couric inviting the world inside her colonoscopy in 2000. 

Credit where it's due, this report reminds locals that health checks are important:

FOX4 reporter, survivors share colon cancer stories and urge early action

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, and FOX4 reporter Matt Stewart shared his colon cancer diagnosis with viewers to encourage them to get a colonoscopy. "I never thought at the age of 45 I'd be a colon cancer survivor, but thank goodness for early intervention."


  1. I will explore his colon with my tongue. Any time, Any place.


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