Kansas City MSM Runs Britt Reid Crash Pr0n

Attorneys struggle to make this case in the court of public opinion and prevent that horrific injuries of a young girl from vanishing out of the local discourse.

Tonight's blast . . .

Attorney: Recording captures chaotic scene after crash that injured girl

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - An attorney representing the family of a girl seriously injured Feb. 4 in a three-vehicle crash involving former Chiefs assistant Britt Reid released an audio recording, which he said is of the moments after the incident. NBC News obtained the two minute, 59-second recording on Wednesday, which was reviewed by 41 Action News.


  1. This Reid character is no good. He has other issues and incidents he needs to go to prison. I knew his father was no good the first time I looked at him. Sad to say football baseball soccer and even golf are no longer family friendly. Anyone who supports these people should not have kids. I know I don't want anything to do with anyone who support these types of people. I'm better than that.

  2. ^^Well, la-di-fucking-da. Aren't you the little angel?

  3. ^^ Dumbass, he fucked up a little girl for life and Perhaps toxicology is going to prove a reason. You support that ? Or just not the ability to think before you are a dick to reply ? No wonder Tyreek can break an arm and people like you can scratch your balls wanting him to downlow your ass. GO losers !


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