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Kansas City Cuisine Debuts

Taco Bell Tests New Loaded Taco Primo Burrito And New Chicken Enchilada Primo Burrito - Chew Boom

Taco Bell is testing new Primo Burritos at select locations in the Kansas City, Missouri area. Primo Burritos are available in two varieties: Loaded Taco Primo Burrito and Chicken Enchilada Primo Burrito. The Loaded Taco Primo Burrito features seasoned beef, lettuce, red strips, reduced-fat sour cream, and real shredded cheddar cheese wrapped inside a warm flour tortilla for $1.

Downtown Makeover Tease

See inside the Mark Twain Tower before its redevelopment [PHOTOS] - Kansas City Business Journal

Multiple unsuccessful repurposing attempts were just the way with the Mark Twain Tower, at least until a Washington-based development group acquired the 98-year-old Kansas City building through a 2018 foreclosure sale. Now, The Bernstein Cos.


Kansas City area COVID-19 vaccine planner for March 21-27

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As the COVID-19 vaccine roll out continues in the Kansas City area, 41 Action News is compiling a list of vaccination events and where people can sign up for a vaccine interest form each week. Check back for updates. Vaccine slots fill up quickly and often are scheduled before each week.

Consumerism Is Sexy?!?

Tarsha Whitmore Rocks A Scandalously Sexy Bandeau Top On Shopping Expedition

Her fans couldn't get of her update, and the post racked up over 19,600 likes within just six hours of going live. "You're my vibe," one fan wrote, followed by a trio of flame emoji. "You are so pretty," another follower chimed in. "Amazing so beautiful," a third fan remarked.

Spring Break Cancelled

Miami Beach spring breakers hit with extended curfew after SWAT team forced to break up rowdy crowd

Miami Beach officials on Sunday said the city would extend curfews and closures through April 12 after a SWAT team was called in Saturday night to break up a rowdy crowd of spring breakers that had defied an 8 p.m. curfew.

Lockdown Forever

The Capitol Hill riot's long shadow is visible in day-by-day news coverage

Despite the best attempts of some 1/6 denialists and apologists, the aftermath of the pro-Trump riot at the Capitol is still with us every day. Sometimes it deserves to be a lead headline while more often it's a little lower down on the homepage, but the stories continue to stretch outward like tentacles.

Former Prez Trump Plays Blame Game After Wall Falls

Trump slams Biden over border 'crisis', accused him of causing 'death and human tragedy'

President Biden said Sunday that he intends to travel to the southern border "at some point," telling reporters that he is in no rush to visit because "I know what's going in those facilities" which have been operating far beyond capacity amid a troubling surge in migrants.

Pushing Progress

Democrats vow to go 'bold' - with or without GOP

Democrats are warning they won't tolerate GOP stonewalling as they try to make good on their pledge to enact a "bold" agenda and avoid Obama-era missteps.

Facts Vs. Feelings

Feds have no evidence yet that Atlanta spa shootings were hate crimes: report

The Atlanta spa shootings may not meet the standard for federal hate crime charges, authorities told The Associated Press reported Saturday. Seven of the eight victims in Tuesday's attacks on three massage parlors in the Atlanta area were women. Six of those women were Asian.

Hottie Sparks Class Warfare

Kylie Jenner faces backlash after asking fans to donate to fundraiser for her make up artist

Kylie Jenner is facing criticism on Twitter after she shared a fundraiser with fans for make up artist Samuel Rauda, who was involved in a serious accident and underwent surgery last week.

Today’s Teachable Moment

Empathy Helped This Kansas City Student Teacher Build Community In His Online Classroom

With support from the Walton Family Foundation, KCUR has asked student teachers in the Kansas City area to write about their experiences learning how to teach during a pandemic. We'll be running their stories as a series of teacher diaries in the coming weeks. Next time I see COVID, I'm gonna punch him in the face.

Rain This Week

Your Storm Track 5 Daily Forecast

After sunset winds will relax a little as clouds continue to ease in across the area. Temperatures will hold in the mid to upper 40s through daybreak on Monday. I think most of the area will stay dry to start off, with the exception of a sprinkle or two, but better chances of more widespread rain will move in by the evening and overnight hours.

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  1. There was only 4.1 miles of wall to fall. And it cost nearly a billion dollars. Mexico didn't pay for it. Sad.

  2. "Trump slams Biden over border 'crisis', accused him of causing 'death and human tragedy'"

    And a failed president who never won a majority of the votes tries to pretend he has anything relevant to say. Weird.

  3. All of Mexico are the ones laughing at joe bidumb, they don’t have to pay for their peoples medical or welfare anymore, they just send them to the USA for all the free shit they can ever want, that’s trillions of dollars compared to the wall so.....

  4. If we can pay the Mexicans free welfare and healthcare for life than why can’t joe bidumb take care of the homeless and poor people in the us? We already give the blacks and Mexicans free everything but what about the other races of poor and downtrodden?

    Apparently the despicable dimwits only care for fraudulent Mexican and black votes huh?

  5. ^^^ The great replacement - you are being replaced, you, whitey are hated and will be gone soon.

  6. Kids in cages is exclusively an odummy and bidumb thang, Trump is right, joe bidumb has no plan or idea on what to do and it’s killing people. He’s letting people with covid in the country when he promised to wait 100 days before letting people in legally and it took only a few weeks for him to fail. He’s banned the media from all these locations which is illegal and just plain wrong because it’s a world wide embarrassment just like he is. Even China has called them out for his human rights violations, OUCH!

    We are finally getting a solid handle on covid thanks to President Trump and now bidumb is letting them in by the hundreds of thousands, about half of them with covid and because it’s so overloaded at the border this incompetent senile old fool now wants to fly them all over the country further spreading and exposing all Americans to covid all over again.

    Time to impeach his ass and be done with the racist bidumb crime family once and for all.

  7. 7:00 replaced? Nah, we are being exterminated

  8. 7:00am I love being white.... pull your pants up foo.....lol

  9. 6:38 You suck multiple disks every day and you pretend as if you have anything relevant to say. Weird.

  10. “Thank you, Almighty Lord, for giving Donald J. Trump to America in a time of great need to deliver a COVID vaccine in record time through his Operation Warp Speed because of his business management expertise and can-do attitude. Amen.” – Basement Biden after being given truth serum

  11. Only about 9% of the Demoncrapic COVID relief bill was really about COIVD. The Demoncraps are flailing in the wind from the hot, stale breath of Pelosi and Schumer, and using taxpayers’ money to bail out their horribly mismanaged Demoncrapic cities and states, and for their socialist projects. Trump wanted to get $2,000 to people last fall, but the Demoncraps didn't want to allow it before the election.

  12. The Demoncraps were winners in stuffing the ballot boxes through legal means that should have been deemed illegal by courts and through illegal means. They are experts at cheating and manipulating the court system without remorse and spending billions of U.S. taxpayer funds going after Trump and anyone else who gets in their way with false charges.

  13. ^^and yet there's not one shred of proof, and everything you said is a lie cooked up by morons who can't admit they got their asses kicked. That's why they come here. It's a loser's lament, and TKC is repository for losers like you. Ignorant simp. Weird.

  14. SILVER ALERT: 80 year old man with hair plugs, squinty eyes, and smelly Depends is missing. Last seen falling down the stairs of Air Force One. If you see this missing person; please contact Dr. Jill Biden or your local Sheriff. Please do not try to make contact with this person as he is a known pedophile around young girls.

  15. The white Democrat elites are really stupid as they soon will not be able to win a primary election in any one of their jurisdictions by flooding the country with illegal immigrants.

    Why can't we simply take care of the poor people in our own country.

  16. ^^ Typical lib. Can't argue facts but relies on feeeeeeeeelings. Too bad, so sad Baizou.

  17. ^^I don't know Maude. When have you ever bothered to do it? Maybe go make a difference in the real world instead of waiting to die on here. OK Boomer?

  18. Nancy Pelosi is a Communist.

    Pelosi is a traitor to the United States of America.

  19. The real issue regarding the Atlanta shooting is most illicit massage parlors are run by Asian crime syndicates dealing in human (female) trafficing.

    The Marxist Corporate Media is trying to spin this tragedy as a result of President Trump emphasizing that Corona Virus was created in a Communist China government lab in Wuhan, China that is killing millions across the world and 500,000 Americans.

    When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, killing 1,500 Americans, Democrat President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) placed all Japanese-Americans in concentration camps in the desert. Of course, the Marxist Media never comments on that.

    When the World Trade Center was attacked by Muslim Terrorists, President Bush rightly said the World Trade Center was attacked by Muslim Terrorists. He didn't blame the death of hundreds of Americans at the World Trade Center on white Norwegians because blaming white Norwegians would be a lie.

    Trump didn't blame white Norwegians for corona virus because corona virus was created by Communist China. Stating facts is not racist.

  20. Democrat Party President Harry S. Truman dropped the Atomic bomb on Japan as he was racist against Asians.

    Note that Truman did not drop the atomic bomb on Berlin, Germany.

    Democrat Party President Franklin Roosevelt placed several millions Japanese Americans in concentration camps.

    Democrat Party President Lyndon Baines Johnson bombed Vietnamese civilians as he was racist against Asians; probably a million Asians were killed.

    President Trump did not kill one Asian and simply pointed out Corona Virus was created by Communist China.

    Corporate Media like CNN, ABC, CNBC are Communist propaganda for the Democrat Party and lies more than Joseph Goebbels ever thought about.

  21. ^^and yet life goes on. Only dying geriatrics seem to care. Grow up. You lost. Fuck your feelings Maude. Weird.

  22. ^^OK Tranny

  23. "Note that Truman did not drop the atomic bomb on Berlin, Germany."

    Roosevelt died April 12, 1945. Truman did not even know there was an A bomb in development when he became president. Germany surrendered May 8, 1945. The first atomic test in New Mexico happened July 16, 1945. By then there was no need to drop the bomb in Germany.

  24. Trump claimed 4 years ago that voting systems were rigged - but did NOTHING about it while President and then complains AFTER he loses? Fool!

    “Thank you, Almighty Lord, for giving Joe Biden to America in a time of great need to deliver a COVID vaccine in record time through his Operation Warp Speed because Trump ignored the Covid 19 and said it was like a harmless cold Amen.” – Golf Course Shed Sex Donald Trump & Stormy Daniels after being given truth serum

  25. Trump watched the Capital riot from the safety of the White House living room, munching peanuts and drinking a coke, laughing, cheering the crowd on, so pleased they were doing it all for him, and that they were after Mike Pence his hypothetical traitor. His kids begged him to call it off, but for hours he just watched and refused to accept any phone calls for help.



  26. Breaking..Mexico has installed stairs to keep Biden out..

  27. @11:01 and 12:07 - How is life in that fantasy land brain of yours ?

    It appears you forgot your meds this morning. Go talk to the guy in the white coat and he will fix you up with pudding and some Pro-Zac.

    Might even loosen the straps on your straight jacket if you are a good boy.

  28. I work in the life insurance business. I know the life expectancy tables well. Trump's life is almost over per the numbers. He is old, fat, poor health, and does not exercise. He needs to pick out a casket. Wind down gracefully. He is no longer a politician. There will be tens of thousands of men his age die this year in the USA. He well could be one of them. Stress, multiple divorces, court cases, all that will do him in faster.

    Lets get some young, fresh, people in politics who don't have massive skeletons in their closets!

  29. Hitler killed himself two weeks after FDR died while in office. Germany was already beaten. There was no reason to nuke Berlin. Scoff!

  30. Yet Trump is vigorous and vital. He regularly plays golf which is exercise. Whereas Biden calls lids in the morning most days, hides from the press, cannot complete.a sentence, and falls going up the steps. He looks like death in his face and eyes and he is suffering from advanced senile dementia. Kamala is already stepping in as acting president, taking calls from foreign leaders and riding on AF1 hovering behind him.

  31. Charles Whitman3/22/21, 3:59 PM

    According to every filmed news story about the "rowdy" Spring breakers in Miami Beach that caused curfews were all black. Not white, not brown, not asian. Black. Oh, those lying eyes!


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