Monday, March 01, 2021

Kansas City Monday Night News Smile

There's a lot to consider this evening as we're inspired by Maddy's casual promo hotness whilst we check pop culture, community news and top headlines.

Kansas City Scammers Abound

After recent cold weather, metro utility companies warning about rise in scams

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's no shock utility payments are a concern after the recent cold weather and the power companies are warning people they're hearing about more scams. Utility companies, like Evergy and Kansas City, Kansas Board of Public Utilities, said scammers are calling customers posing as legitimate utility companies.

KC COVID Contemplation

KC business reflects on 12 months in a pandemic

Like many people in March 2020, the owners at downtown Kansas City printing company MPress thought the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic would be over in a few weeks or months."When it started we really did not know the magnitude," said Ralph Myers, who started MPress with his wife and son 20 years ago.

JoCo Road Worries

Overland Park City Council OKs chip seal for road repairs

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The Overland Park City Council voted, 10-2, to approve two bids totaling $3.1 million for chip sealing, as several residents urged members to find a new method for street repair. "I was running down our street. I just lost my footing," 11-year-old Avery Allen, who lives in Overland Park, said.

Savage Promo Tonight

Madison Pettis Flaunts Her Curves In Purple Lingerie & Gets Flirty In Bed

In response to all of her Instagram posts, many of Madison's followers love to mention her first major movie role in The Game Plan, which saw her starring alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. She was a child star on the rise at the time, but she would eventually put her family-friendly past behind her by appearing in the raunchy comedy American Pie Presents: Girls' Rules.


Cuomo Accused of Unwanted Advance at a Wedding: 'Can I Kiss You?'

Harassment Claims Against Cuomo The young woman's account follows two separate accusations that Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed two female state employees. Anna Ruch had never met Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo before encountering him at a crowded New York City wedding reception in September 2019. Her first impression was positive enough.

American Class War Starts

Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders propose 3% wealth tax on billionaires

A slew of Democrats on Capitol Hill - including progressives Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. - on Wednesday proposed a 3% total annual tax on wealth exceeding $1 billion. They also called for a lesser, 2% annual wealth tax on the net worth of households and trusts ranging from $50 million to $1 billion.

GOP Fights For 15?!?

GOP may hold keys to Democrats' long-sought minimum wage hike

"It is a more durable solution if it's 60 votes," Coons said on Monday after a couple of "very preliminary" weekend discussions with Republicans on raising the wage. Republicans "realize it's got to be raised," said Sen. Angus King (I-Maine). "There are three principle pieces: The number, the phase-in and the tipped wage.

Retail Replacement Fight

Amazon employee sues the company, alleging racial discrimination and unequal pay

An Amazon employee filed a lawsuit Monday accusing the tech giant of deliberately paying her and other Black employees less than their White counterparts, becoming the latest on a growing list of current and former Amazon workers to accuse the company of systemic racism.

Gaga Doggie Style Exposed

Lady Gaga's Dog Walker Opens Up About His 'Very Close Call With Death'

After being snatched in an armed robbery last Wednesday, Lady Gaga's stolen French Bulldogs, Koji and Gustav, were returned unharmed to Los Angeles police. Her dog walker, Ryan Fischer, however, remains hospitalized, having been shot in the chest while two suspects allegedly took the singer's pets.

Kansas City Hipsters Still Mourn Concerts

Murder By Death's Adam Turla on the one year anniversary of concert cancellations

We're running a limited series of articles here at The Pitch called "One Year Out." A few of us spoke to the last bands that we saw play live... on the one-year anniversary of that concert. Your friendly neighborhood editor Brock Wilbur saw Murder By Death in Lawrence.

EPIC Last Call

WATCH: Overland Park officer tears up during final radio call after 34 years of service

OVERLAND PARK, KS (KCTV) -- An Overland Park police officer is retiring after 34 years on the force, and his final call was an emotional one. "I'm going 10-7 for the last time in 34 years. I love you guys. Be safe," Officer Andy Black said. "581.

Forecast For Tuesday

Tuesday will be sunny, high near 59 degrees


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Anonymous said...

Cuomo, Beijing Bidet, Slick Willy, Dem pols are sick, twisted pervs..

Anonymous said...

^^^ And yet the former president had unprotected sex with a star of pornography according to her testimony. Weird.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^ 11:40 You're comment makes no sense. And seems to me that the sex star you are talking about got kicked out of court not once but twice. WEIRD

Anonymous said...

There were no lynchings of black people in KS or any other state in our country. This is a myth that never happened. There is no evidence to back it up. Complete lies.

Anonymous said...

Regarding that OPPD Ofc. Black last 10-7. The busy beep while he was trying to key up! It about boils down public service. Decades of service only to end up dead, shitting in a bag or strung up by the media as the bad guy. Sir, you made it!

Anonymous said...

Emmy Winner and leading Marxist Democrat, Governor Andrew Cuomo, is a serial sex harasser.

Cuomo has now hired a prominent CRIMINAL Defense Attorney to defend him in the sexual harassment and murder of elderly nursing home residents.

Cannot believe Suburban women vote for creeps like Cuomo, Biden and Clinton who molest women and children.

Anonymous said...

The dimwits believe in the kkk, rape, murder, stealing from the poor and ruling over the peasants

Anonymous said...

But all the Democrats loved Cuomo! What happened? They gave him a prize and everything!

Anonymous said...

Amazon is a fast paced running company. Blacks only do a fast pace if in a rolling gun battle. If a black driver delivers my package it might make it to steps going to my porch but as a rule it ends up along or on a retaining wall leading up to the steps. Brown and white drivers always seem to find the steps and use them to put the package on the front porch same as the UPS/FedEx guys do. Black people are slow and lazy, bitch all the time they are being treated unfair while doing 30 to 50% less work than their co-workers then bitch because they make less and make racial discrimination comments. Brown and white workers should claim racial discrimination for being forced to work along side them.

Anonymous said...

so the chip and seal scam has hit JoCo huh? Billed as a repair to a cracked asphalt surface. It is absolutely a do-nothing. City maintenance guy said its a wear surface, huh? The aggregate doesn't wear out, its subgrade and cracking failures, neither of which crack seal addresses.