Kansas City Monday Night News Roundup

As close readers might know, Pr0n Star Siri is one of our all time faves and tonight her hotness and budding writing career inspires a closer look at pop culture, community news and important top headlines . . . Take a peek:

KC Free Money Spends Faster

How Kansas Citians And Other Americans Are Spending Their $1,400 Stimulus Checks

It's been about a week since the federal government began issuing the third round of coronavirus stimulus checks, and plenty of Kansas Citians have already begun spending their share. "That stimulus check just left my bank account as fast as it hit," said one Waldo resident on Twitter.

Sound Of Success

Lyric Opera is Back, Baby! - In Kansas City

It's been a minute, but the Lyric Opera of Kansas City just announced programming for their new 2021 spring season. General director and CEO Deborah Sandler says shows will include the return of Soundscapes in the City-a series of live performances scattered throughout the community-and an all-new production of Baseball: A Musical Love Letter.

Everyone Helps Save Lives In Kansas City Jazz District

Hy-Vee helping vaccinate people in KC's Jazz District

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Some patients who want the COVID-19 vaccine don't have access to it. That's why one of the Kansas City metro's largest retailers is taking its show on the road, vaccinating people in the city's Jazz District. The company known for "smiles on every aisle" also wants to keep people healthy.

Trading On Tech Smut

Porn Creators Are Getting In on the NFT Craze

Against a verdant background, a woman in fishnets, a bustier, and a bright green hunter's cap drags an image of Robinhood CEO Vladimir Tenev on a leash, while he clasps his hands together in supplication. "Get on your knees and repent, Vlad," the caption reads.

Prez Biden Losing Border War

Analysis: Biden vows to ease border surge as Republicans sense a political opening

Joe Biden is pledging to take new steps to ease a surge of child migrants at the southern border as his White House parries Republican attacks over a wrenching humanitarian challenge that threatens to tarnish his fast start as president.

Former Prez Trump Gloats About Current Prez Biden’s Triple Stumble

Trump says he 'expected' Biden fall, believes Harris may replace him as president

Former President Donald Trump on Monday said that he expected President Biden's fall on the steps of Air Force One - and that he also believes Biden's mental state may be diminished to the point that he may not understand what he's signing, opening the door to Kamala Harris replacing him.

Tragic Testimony After Deadly American Mass Shooting

'It was a truly horrifying experience': Witnesses describe active shooter scene inside Boulder King Soopers

As shots rang out inside the King Soopers off Table Mesa Road in Boulder Monday afternoon, staff inside the grocery store were directing customers to the back and telling them to exit as safely as possible. These are their stories.

Democratic Party Struggles To Manage Majority

Speedy House vs. slower Senate: Dems struggle to balance on Biden agenda

"I learned this early when I got here: I don't pay much attention to what the House does," said Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.). "I just do what we do." Since Biden took office, the House has passed most of its substantive bills along party lines, leaving the measures little chance of getting through the Senate without the elimination of the legislative filibuster.

Former Prez Trump Warns GOP About Future Consequences

Trump: Ending the filibuster would be 'catastrophic' for Republican Party

"Look he's hanging by a thread right now with respect to the filibuster," Trump said of McConnell (R-Ky.). McConnell and the GOP have given similar warnings about eliminating the filibuster rule, a provision that allows the minority party in the Upper Chamber to force an unfettered debate on any issue before a vote.

Local Biz Heroes Debut

Not all entrepreneurs wear capes: Chamber's 'Superstars' campaign unmasks heroes of KC business scene

While the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce's annual awards luncheon and events series hopes to pivot to a scaled-back, in-person model in late spring, the celebration of local business leaders got its official start earlier this month with the debut of the new Small Business Superstar campaign.

Country Songs Can Wait

Kenny Chesney reschedules Kansas City concert at Arrowhead again, pushing to 2022

by: Travis Meier Posted: / Updated: KANSAS CITY, Mo. - There goes the concert. Country star Kenny Chesney has again postponed his Arrowhead performance after originally rescheduling it due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Chillaxification Tour show was originally set for July 11 in 2020.

Rain Delay Today

Rain tonight, more rain for your Tuesday


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  1. Mexico building steps to keep Biden out..

  2. At 18th and Vine, the corona virus is the least of your health concerns.
    Folks should be asking for Kevlar vests along with their vaccine shot.
    Even the virus is afraid to be in that part of town after dark.

  3. The Chamber's "superstars". Are these the one's with the right attorneys to get massive subsidies from KCMO so they can pretend to be capitalists. Meanwhile there are hundreds of good companies struggling to survive under the relentless harassment of KCMO government who don't waste their money to inflate their egos.

  4. ^^Oh no!!! What do we do?????

  5. Ironic how a gun is present at every shooting.

  6. Santiago O'Leary3/23/21, 11:02 AM

    @7:50 That's not irony, idiot. Buy a dictionary, genius.

  7. @11:02 It's HUMOR!
    Try to gin some sense of it!


    I'm just asking the questions, "Is this believable? Does it make sense?"

    In the video below, we're told that "Bystander Dean Schiller captured the chaotic scene at King Soopers"
    Why would an unarmed non-law enforcement/military person run TOWARD the scene of a shooting?
    Does his voice sound like that of a person in the immediate vicinity of an active shooting?
    While narrating his livestream video, why does he say that someone needs to call 911? Why didn't he?
    While standing at the store's entrance with 2 other calm individuals, do you get any sense of panic?
    Even when 2 apparent gunshots go off while he's just inside the entrance, does he flee? Why doesn't he fear for his life?
    While narrating his livestream, why does he use the term "active shooter"?


    Now let's take a look at one of the grocery survivors interviewed on CNN.
    CNN is fictional soap-opera news, and the leading purveyor of state propaganda, so if you want to see what the Big Brother agenda is for any high-profile staged event, you need to examine their storyline and interviews with the crisis actors.

    In the interview below, do you notice how the uber-liberal homosexual host jokes with the "survivor" about potato chips, candy, and ice cream?
    Aren't they both really very bored with this fake interview, and just going through the motions?
    These two get an "F" for acting effort and I don't believe a single word coming out of their mouths. I quit about halfway through it.
    CNN is despicably evil.

    BIDEN/HARRIS Administration greenlights surge in domestic terror false flag events.

  9. ^^NO. Go away. We are no longer in the conspiracy business buddy. It’s for retards, geezers and Trumpkins. All people who will never matter. Bye bye now. Cuckoo...cuckoo...cuckoo

    1. Well we know who to go to for hot takes on the news! Dr Chimpy! Lol


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