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Kansas City Mercado Debut

Ribbon Cut at new Fresh Market at Indep/Prospect

The ribbon was cut at The Avenues newest grocery store, the new Fresh Market El Mercado Fresco at 2620 Independence Boulevard. The store is the second Mercado Fresco on the Avenue, and is located in the old Snyders Supermarket space near Independence and Chestnut.

Local Tax Time Help

KCTV5's tax hotline goes live Wednesday to get your questions answered

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Tax time is coming up and we recognize this year will be confusing for many. The pandemic had us all tightening our belts. Some were forced to dip into their 401Ks, and others lost their job. KCTV5 Stands for You, and this week we're assembling a team of tax experts to answer your calls.

Vaxx Week Ahead

Missouri plans mass vaccination event for KC area Wednesday

The Cerner campus in North Kansas City will be the site of a region-wide mass vaccination event on Wednesday, March 3.It's one of several mass vaccination sites set up by the state of Missouri. The event is at 2951 Rockcreek Parkway, North Kansas City, Missouri from 8 a.m.

Top Doc Laughs Off Disputes

Fauci on CPAC speech: 'I'm sure that you can get a standing ovation by saying I'm wrong'

Appearing Sunday on CBS' "Face the Nation," Fauci - who has served for more than three decades as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases - described Noem's remarks as "unfortunate." "It is not really helpful. Because sometimes you think things are going well, and just take a look at the numbers.

Prez Talks Amazon Union

Biden backs right of Amazon workers to attempt to organize

President Joe Biden on Sunday offered his support for organizing efforts by Amazon workers in Alabama, though he stopped just short of endorsing the formation of a union. "Workers in Alabama - and all across America - are voting on whether to organize a union in their workplace.

Everybody Fights For Free Money

COVID relief bill creates rift between mainstream Democrats and party's left flank

A brawl is brewing between liberal and moderate Democrats. One can find evidence of this fight in the battle to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour as part of the latest coronavirus relief bill. The left failed in that effort.

Iran From Deal

Iran rejects informal nuke talks with U.S. and EU, insists Biden drop sanctions first

WASHINGTON - Iran rejected on Sunday an invitation from global powers who signed the 2015 nuclear deal to discuss the regime's potential return to the negotiating table, a significant setback in the Biden administration's efforts to revive the agreement.

AOC Vs. Guv

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Demands Independent Investigation Into Cuomo Sexual Misconduct Claims

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) has called for an independent investigation led by the Attorney General into allegations of sexual misconduct by Governor Andrew Cuomo. Over the weekend, a second woman emerged with sexual misconduct claims against the politician: Former aide Charlotte Bennett, 25, told The New York Times that Cuomo, 63, had often quizzed her about her sex life and asked her if she "had ever been with an older man."

Hip-Hop En EspaƱol

Daddy Yankee Returns With New Single 'Problema'

Reggaeton star Daddy Yankee has released a new single, "Problema," via El Cartel Records/Republic/Universal. "Problema" boasts a beat of thundering kick drums and skipping snares topped by a smattering of squeaking synths.

Kansas City Always Fired Up About Fancy Pizza

Continents Apart, A Kansas City Pizza Chef And A Turkish Restaurateur Help Each Other's Dreams Come True

In a restaurant in an old house on Kansas City's Westside, chef Brent Gunnels has been tending a clay oven, making a style of cuisine almost as new to him as it is to his customers. Poached eggs in simmering stews of warmly seasoned tomatoes; savory lamb balls wrapped in freshly baked flatbread; yogurt topped with shaved carrots, pistachios and pickled beets.

Debating Bubba

3 key Q's ahead of Royals spring opener

Baseball is set to return Sunday when the Royals play a seven-inning game against the Rangers to open the Cactus League season at Surprise Stadium. Royals manager Mike Matheny said that the Royals will stay on the field to get two more innings of work in to make it a

Kansas City Forecast For Now

Your Storm Track 5 Daily Forecast

Breezy northwest winds will relax a little through the evening and overnight hours. Temperatures will fall into the mid to upper 20s by daybreak on Monday making for a chilly start to the week. The good news is quiet weather is expected through most of the week as another warming trend returns.

Daddy Yankee - Problema is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now.


  1. it's not the game, it's how you play it!


  2. Biden is NOT the President. That's fact!!!!!! What ever he says or does is not relevant to the country. He's the biggest act of tyranny we have ever seen in our country within our lifetime. He even admitted it not once but three times.

  3. Took Biden less than two months to get us into a war so there is that I guess.

  4. And the earth is flat, we never went to the moon, etc. The gospel according to Planet Tinfoil.

  5. How long will it take him to attack an aspirin factory when a staffer accuses him of groping her?

  6. I thought Democrats loved camel jockeys? What happened?

  7. Obama is calling the shots again behind the scene. Everyone else is a puppet to the puppet master. After the Demoncraps lose the House in 2022, it all starts to fall apart before DeSantis takes the crown in 2024. The Demoncraps are already ruining the lives of Americans with their stupid policies and executive orders. Gas at $5/gallon soon. Food prices are following the increase because of transport costs.

  8. Camel fuckers are not a problem only when a Republican is president.

  9. The Iranians and other foreign leaders know Joe Biden is a fricking joke and don't respect him.

    Foreign leaders know Biden does not have the support of the American people as he is an illegally appointed President.

    You may not like Trump's coarseness, but the Iranians and other despots feared him as they knew Trump would take them out personally. No wars under Trump.

    They also feared Ronald Reagan; hence no major wars other than Grenada which was a military training exercise.

  10. If Biden keeps up with the air strikes one of our pilots will get shot down, held hostage, confess under torture that he bombing civilians and Biden will piss his Depends.

  11. "Missouri plans mass vaccination event for KC area Wednesday"

    Good luck getting an appointment. Appointments are available for high risk codgers if they want to drive to Leavenworth or St Joe this week. Guess I'll die.

  12. Your chance of getting Covid is higher standing in line waiting for the damned shot.

  13. Cuomo served his purpose. Now the libs will eat him.

  14. True. Sit back and enjoy the show. Guido is on his second accuser now. There will be more.

  15. ^^No. We don't have time and you're known liar. Bye!

  16. Biden Press Sec Stands By Biden Calling Cuomo “The Gold Standard” Despite Scandals…


    Bullcrap to English translation: "If you can kill 15,000 through your own incompetence, hide the numbers, write a book telling everyone how great you are and get some pussy while you're doing it WE LOVE YOU FOR IT! William Jefferson Blythe Clinton II with a little mafia wannabe thrown in!"

    Guido is going to go down harder than Monica Lewinski on a Macanudo!


  17. LOL @ Jeff Bezos and his uber-lib WaPo..now Dems pimpin' unions at Amazon..

    soon, Democrap greedy union slobs will be lounging around Amazon warehouses..scamming pay raises..Amazon next-day deliveries will then take 2 weeks

  18. ^^Such insight from a rube. Riveting.

  19. Biden* Says He’s Disappointed After Iran Refuses His Lame Offer To Be Besties Again…


  20. *Its to our detriment that you don’t have any friends you can bore with this shit.


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