Kansas City Moms Talk COVID Rugrat Vaxx

Vaxxing youngsters has been downplayed in the mainstream media but as schools reopen and the plague cure becomes more widely available . . . Parents have legit questions that politicos won't dare answer.

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Kansas City moms ask pediatrician questions about COVID-19 vaccine

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Moms across the Kansas City area are getting answers to their questions about the COVID-19 vaccine. Parents want to know if their kids should be vaccinated against the virus. Dr. Natasha Burgert, a pediatrician at Pediatric Associates, said kids can get severely ill from the virus.


  1. Wall E. Weasel3/16/21, 8:26 AM

    "Parents have legit questions that politicos won't dare answer."

    And apparently doctors won't answer, either. This Dr. Burgert in the article does nothing but sidestep, obfuscate, and acknowledge questions without answering them. She could be a politician herself.

  2. All should watch !!!


  3. I ain't taking anything that I don't have all the info on. You want it? Go right ahead.

  4. I did jump down that bit chute rabbit hole. Interesting stuff. They cute nurse that's gone silent is certainly unfortunate.


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