Kansas City Mayor Q Sells More $1 Houses

The reality is that this isn't going to benefit the homeless at all because there are a lot of very detailed rules to take advantage of this offer . . . However, the info is worth a look in as much as low-rent denizens might be able to cash in on KCMO dumping junk property on the public with a decent re-branding effort.

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New $1 Land Bank program to help homeless community

Arrangements are being made to help Kansas City's growing houseless population, Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas announced today at a news conference outside the nonprofit Hope Faith, located at 705 Virginia Ave. Lucas said a new ordinance, introduced by him in partnership with three other Kansas City Council members Thursday, would create a standalone housing department.


  1. All this does is to get the properties off the city's books and dump them on people who are unlikely and probably not capable of actually renovating them
    Then, if the houses actually become habitable, in a short time they will be both unmaintained and/or broken into and trashed.
    And without oversight and accountability from the KCMO electeds, a new city department won't be any more effective than the current ones.
    A perpetual motion machine.


  2. No landlord and old house rehab people like myself are not going to do this because Lucas has put so many stipulations on landlords they can't make any money. With Biden in his stolen place as President no one can afford lumber, and sheet rock has doubled in price so to make a profit even a tiny one is not worth the effort. It would not be affordable housing to repay myself, the rent would be too high. Not even for 1 dollar. So does Lucas have an education at all?


    Political observers will note that Quinton always leans to his Left at the lectern!!!

  4. You have to live in these places while rehabbing to keep your materials and tools from being stolen. Only inexperienced suckers fall for this money loosing dump and tax city scheme.

  5. Mayor Lucas Full of Crap on KCMO


    RE: Police residency requirement

    Lucas wants to continue denying KCPD officers the right to reside where they deem best for their families.

    Lucas who worked in Lawrence KS! Not in KCMO, not in MO!

    If Lucas makes the foolish ill-advised decision to run for US Senate (he desperately wants to) we will relish the opportunity to knock him out of the race with private disclosures. Promise.

  6. Great. Make homelessness a headache for neighborhoods and folks trying to live a decent life. Just what good neighbors need...more bad, drug addicted, bad behaving neighbors on the public tit. These politicians come up with this dumb shit because they don't have to deal with the consequences.


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