Kansas City Mayor Q Demands Vaxx Event

A desperate plea to the feds from this city hall honcho reveals that 12th & Oak is working against the clock as mask mandate orders will soon expire and the public increasingly pushes back against local plague precautions.

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Mayor Lucas asks feds for mass vaccine event in KC

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Kansas City's mayor says he's frustrated with the state's COVID-19 vaccination process, so now he's turning to the feds. Tuesday, Mayor Quinton Lucas sent a letter to FEMA noting they've announced mass vaccination events in other cities across the nation.


  1. In the letter to FEMA, dated March 2nd, Lucas wrote, “Federally-managed events, such as those your agency has begun conducting in municipalities across the nation, will provide all Kansas Citians a fairer shot at keeping themselves and their families safe regardless of race, socio-economic status or access to healthcare, internet or ability to drive long distances for vaccination opportunities.”

    And yet we are the second most vaccinated city or county in the entire state, we have had over 175,000 vaccines given out to date. It doesn’t matter if you have insurance or not, the Great President Trump made sure it was free for everybody and as far as signing up all you have to do is call the health dept and if you’re eligible they will schedule you.

    Just because he’s a dumbass that can’t handle the stress of actually having to think and do a very important job doesn’t make this the governors fault. This is more about trying to make the state of Missouri look bad for the mayor and wrecks archer mucking everything up. In is twisted sick mind he considers this good for his political future with the dimwit party by trying to make the republican governor look bad.

  2. ^No. TL/DR.

  3. Mayor McDrinkerson knows his only hope is to shamelessly pander on race issues so people will forget his gross incompetence.

  4. That's all you do Q Ball! Demand this! Demand that! Nobody elected you king. You are a mayor. Google the difference dummy.

  5. Why isn't he talking to wrecks??????????????

  6. parson intentionally undercutting local public health departments with this stunt

    what kind of a manipulator, a demagogue, a divisive and vindictive prick really, would not simply target population centers for dispersion of mass vaccine?

  7. 1:03 is Caret-top boy

    Too Little/Dumb as a Rock

    His comments only prove that he reads everything that is posted on this blog.

  8. ^^and you only prove you read everything he posts!

  9. Texas Nurse Has Insane Meltdown On Camera Over End Of Texas Mask Mandate…

    These bedwetters aren't well.


  10. ^^OK Boomer. Stop spamming.

  11. 1:41 not true at all, every local agency is light years ahead of KC, local politics are to blame

  12. Lucas cares about one thing . . . and that's getting social-media love and/or national TV appearances by parroting whatever woke/PC narrative he happened to see on Twitter or MSNBC.

    This guy is a frickin' idiot . . . but the media loves idiots so long as they lean left, may or may not be gay, pander to community activists, etc etc etc.

    I'm sure he'll eventually make it to Congress. He's building the perfect know-nothing, all fluff/no substance, resume.

  13. Quinton Lucas3/3/21, 5:37 PM

    WAAAA! WAAAA! We aren't given the gubmint freebies that I promised! WAAAA! So what if we are a totalitarian, disorganized, mess? IT'S NOT OUR FAULT!!! besides, I got mine before any of you plebs!


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