Kansas City Launches EPIC Low Income Housing Post-COVID Agenda

The plan is provide a bevy of options for locals who might go homeless without government help.

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KC could task city manager with plan to fund 5,000 affordable housing units - Kansas City Business Journal

Kansas City officials soon will hone how they intend to bolster the amount of housing available for low-income residents. A measure introduced Thursday would give City Manager Brian Platt 120 days to develop and share a plan to fund the construction or rehabilitation of 5,000 affordable housing units.


  1. I needs me one a does bevsys! Duz she gose down?

  2. So mayor mcdumbo and Katherine shields want to rehab houses in kc that need to be torn down because they are truly dangerous, do you all remember the two houses that cost a million dollars to rehab on 25th and Tracy?

    The same two houses that weren’t worth $200 grand combined when they were finished.

    Now imagine them trying to rehab 100 houses at the previous rate of half a mil a piece, this is the dream world these two idiots live in, but on your dime not theirs.

  3. Shields to mayor lickass, we can build 5000 new houses at $150,000 a piece and it will only cost $750,000,000!

    Mayor lickass to shields, great idea! that’s chump change! Hahahahaha!

  4. weren't the tents working out?

  5. the ol' threat 'we are going to the suburbs and build crap with a high return 10 year REIT.'

  6. The asbestos abatement on those old houses will be at least $25,000 per house.

    Remodel 5,000 houses for people who won't maintain them, bring crime to the neighborhood and won't pay property taxes.

    Great plan to continue the downward spiral of the shithole known as Kansas City.

  7. I'm all for providing a roof over a homeless person's head and providing three hot's and a cot.

    However, they should be Army barracks style requiring cleanliness, exercise, education classes with basic reading, math, writing and computer skills.

    The inhabitants should be required to work an 8 hour work day picking up trash on the roadways, enhancing public parks, building projects etc. like the old WPA days.

    No laying around doing drugs, wandering around the streets or watching t.v. all day.

  8. ^^OK Boomer. Thankfully nothing you say or think matters in the least. Stay on here all day.

    1. Thanks Dr. Chimpy! We know you'll show your ass and then slink off when you get it handed to you lol

  9. ^^You seem really, really, really desperate.


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