Kansas City Jr. College Vote April 6th

A decent discount is under consideration as local voters will be asked to get more realistic about educational aspirations on April 6th.

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Voters will decide whether to 'attach' eight school districts to Metropolitan Community College

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Voters in eight metro school districts will soon be asked whether to "attach" to Metropolitan Community College. MCC says a "yes" vote by patrons in those districts will only help grow community educational opportunities and help train future skilled workers.


  1. You seem to have overlooked the property tax increase associated with this if passed.

  2. Do not vote for this. You would be insane if you did. The Chancellor of MCC is a fraud.

  3. I've never been impressed with this college. It speaks volumes that JCCC has more students than MCC does yet is a third of the size. The staff and scheduling at MCC leave a lot to be desired.


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