Kansas City Housing Bubble Ready To Bust Again Just In Time For Selling Season

More than a few of our most KICK-ASS READERS have sent us links the top end of the housing crisis.

It seems like the bubble is getting ready to bust once again whilst local real estate agents are conning TV news into hyping sales among people who might not ever be able to get back into the market after they cash out of their current abode.

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76 all-cash offers on one home. The housing madness shows no signs of slowing

Ellen Coleman had never received so many offers on a house in her 15 years of selling real estate.


  1. Sounds just like the 2008 bubble
    What goes up will come down


  2. I just read a comment from a banker in FL and he is saying most people are not qualifying for loans and houses are way overpriced, the appraisals are coming in low. The people who are buying up the houses are cash buyers from NY and other areas and foreigners. He says things are a mess. Banks are closing and the Citi Bank ATM's have no cash in them. However I don't believe there was 76 cash offers on one home. I think that is propaganda leading to hysteria.

  3. The market is artificially inflated and it will crash. We've been here before.

  4. Crash or realignment, that is the question no one knows the answer to. You can't time the market, and you have no idea of values will crash of if increases will simply level off or slightly adjust downward. Anyone who claims to know with certainty will also try to sell you a certain famous bridge.

  5. Everyone that bought since 2014 will be underwater in 5 years. Fact.

  6. Every family wants a nice house in a nice neighborhood at about 200-250k. That doesn't exist.

  7. might be a good time to rent

  8. If you don't pay your property taxes, the real owner will evict you.


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