Kansas City Houses For Homeless Redux

This plan was started under Mayor Sly's Administration but there's a renewed effort to sell local vacant that litter the urban core. 

Meanwhile, the housing bubble is soon to burst yet again so this discount purchase opportunity confronts peril via rough neighborhoods and a sketchy market.

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Vacant houses to be renovated for people experiencing homelessness in Kansas City

For as long as they can remember, neighbors say the boarded-up house on the 3200 block of Bellefontaine Ave. has sat empty. Laura Belt considered buying it until she looked inside."There was like vines and trees growing up through the middle.


  1. The most prosperous country in the world shouldn't have millions of homeless people, especially children.

  2. No doubt they will take care those renovated houses...what could go wrong?

  3. Fuck off blieron you dipshit, it’s called welfare and if these dumbasses are toomstupid to apply than that’s their problem.

    There’s still people who said they would fix houses they bought for a dollar years ago that never finished them to get their $8900 checks from the city. These houses are too far gone that’s why the they've been sitting there for years on end.... and don’t get me started on the hoodrat infested neighborhoods.

    Nobody wants to live there.

  4. Nope!!!!!!!!!!!!! Work required ! Ain't interested.........

  5. Byron Funkhouser3/29/21, 12:40 PM

    By the way, I might mention I'm packing (didn't forget my KY, ha, ha) my U-Haul as we speak, for a move to Kansas City. I like the way things are shaping up there, and I believe I can be a big help to the LGBT and BLM communities. I look forward to meeting many of you. I've rented a home in the Northeast, and advised where to forward my EBT money. Rejoice Millie B's, you have a new customer! I will advise when settled in.

    1. Byron, I thought you were living here.

  6. OMG you are going to renovate it this year for the homeless and then have to demolish it next year!!!
    whay idiot at city hall comes up with these stupid ideas?

  7. 12:03, America is far from the most prosperous country in the world. We are $27 Trillion + in debt. We are the brokest country in the history of the world. The bums are adults, they should take care of themselves.


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