Kansas City Homeless Crisis Persists After Convention Center Warming Camp Closed

This cowtown dutifully spent more than half a million bucks to help keep impoverished people alive during a recent arctic chill. Now that the money and the brutal cold have evaporated, the lives of these poor scamps still haven't improved.

Check more perspective on their plight which confronts just about every driver at a stoplight within city limits . . . Take a look:

What's next for people using Bartle Hall's emergency shelter? Some say the answer is difficult

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - According to Mayor Quinton Lucas, at the end of the month, Kansas City will no longer utilize the Kansas City Convention Center's Bartle Hall as an emergency homeless shelter. Community members, in partnership with the city, opened Bartle Hall in January as an emergency warming center for area homeless.


  1. I'm sure the great unwashed who stayed at Bartle have turned around their lives and started learning how to code.


  2. Well when you let the people camp and beg at every street corner and you do nothing to help the people like rehab centers and mental facilities and you close down the city for an entire year but let a stupid flunky football game stay playing, then yes you are going to have problems. Take some of that failed school dist, and developers money and help the city's poor. There is a ton of things Lucas could do but he's not qualified or smart enough to know how to help or run a city. He proved that when he coward down to the rioters and showed his nasty racism.

    1. Thankyou for pointing out a truth nobody is admitting
      That government has abandoned the poor in exchange for big business
      Our system of government at the local level is upside down.

  3. Next???
    Clean up of Westport homeless settlement. Too bad for the homeless but you cannot take over City property or parks to build a tent city.

  4. Bus tickets to Portland?

  5. No homeless crisis that I can see. No objection to helping the involuntarily, temporarily homeless. But don't use public money to buy stuff for homeless because they prefer it.

  6. There will always be street people. Some of them prefer it, those who dont seek out help and assistance.
    THese do-gooders always think THEY know whats best for others

  7. Swalwell China spy3/6/21, 10:21 AM

    City should print up handouts extolling the free stuff available in Kalifornia, and how nice and generous the folks there are, as well as the wonderful climate.

    Schedule free one way bus rides to LA and SF, and give them $100 and free trip food when getting on.

  8. Try getting a fucking job!

  9. I imagine they will return to the Barney Allis Plaza and continue to shit and piss in the fountain like they always have.

    Always funny to see out of towner's standing in the fountain for a picture, unbeware that a homeless dude pissed in it the night before or a giant turd is just a few feet away.

  10. Better find the funds Q - it is gonna be hot soon and they will need a cooling shelter.

  11. When will Mayor Q do something about the homeless tent city in Westport?

  12. They can all move in with Black Panther members.

  13. Q literally created a crisis where there was none. KC has several homeless shelters and none of them were full. They could have accommodated everybody who needed a place. They wouldn't have had catered meals and would have had to follow rules, but this entire fiasco was a money burning fake crisis. Way to destroy our convention business. Worst mayor in KC history.


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