Kansas City Health Officials Hope To Cure Epidemic Of Deadly Local Violence

After hobbling local small biz during the pandemic, local health leaders share a plan that hopes to stop the spike in local homicides . . . Read more:

New task force, KC Blueprint address violence in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City, Missouri, now has a Victim Services Task Force to address root causes of violence. Over the weekend, the police department reported five homicides, including the deaths of two 15-year-olds. Earlier this year, the Violence Free Kansas City subcommittee of the Health Commission created the Victim Services Task Force.


  1. OOH! A focus group! We're saved!

  2. I wonder if this task force will be brave enough to state the demographics of the problem.


  3. I heard the level of local violence continues to escalate, yeah


  4. So what does this group do? Get together eat and talk about how bad things are? How about that expensive ad today on 101 the fox and how they were promoting the earnings tax? Lucass paid a lot of money to run those ads at the tax payers expense but he can't hire more cops or fix the infrastructure in the city. Now you know you're an idiot if you voted for Lucass.

  5. CCO/Faith In Action

  6. Looks like a rerun of the Jolie Justus "anti-crime" committee that met for over a year, was so worthless that around half the participants ended up bailing out mid-way, and accomplished absolutely nothing.
    The anti-violence subcommittee of the KCMO health department?

  7. No..Health Department said 6 yrs ago, murdering was a disease... aka mo money. SENSE, the committee determined it was racist. Hence, a new committee will find out it's White Guilt as cause.


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