Kansas City Hate Crime Gunfire Attack Survivor Shares Testimony

As the nation struggles to confront rising hatred and division, a horrific gunfire ambush of a longtime hater connects this cowtown to tragedy across the nation.

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New Book Documents Local Hate Crime Survivor's Journey

At first, right after a neo-Nazi murdered her father and son outside the Jewish Community Center campus in Johnson County in April 2014, Mindy Corporon says it was like this: "There were times I was so distraught I was on the floor. I couldn't get off the floor.


  1. Sadly, when Pontias Pilate (a Roman ruler) refused over and over again to find Jesus guilty of any crime, much less one that deserved death, he told the crowd "behold the man".....meaning he wanted them to see Jesus had been flogged and was in horrible shape, hoping them would drop any charges...flogging usually was a penalty that covered any crime except murder.

    But the crowd screamed "crucify him, and let his blood be upon us and our children - not you". So the crucifiction took place.

    The "let his blood be upon us and our children" was a horrible pledge before God. A self-curse. A jewish historian recorded it. Of course Christian will be severely hated in the future and will be the main group persecuted in the end times.

  2. ^^Isn't mythology fascinating?

    But, you're not supposed to believe your own propaganda.

  3. ^^You are a sad little man. You believe nothing.

  4. Anther self-centered "industry" built on tragedy and a way for personal celebrity and a chance to cash in.
    And the constant claim that somehow a disturbed individual's senseless act was really just the tip of the iceberg of a vast sea of bigotry and hate.
    What happened was a tragedy and the perpetrator's confusion was shown by the fact that he actually murdered two Methodists and a Catholic.
    Having a seven-day group hug with like-minded people doesn't do a thing to address current issues of violence.
    Ms. Corporan's efforts would be better spent in high-crime parts of KCMO.

  5. 2:23 AM. Taking into consideration the trending of unchallenged hate in the US and the world against anything Christian, even a skeptic like myself tends to doubt that it is only mythology. Simple observations of destructive political ideologies and overall world conditions would indicate to any serious observer that we are racing towards an epic, if not biblical, a biblical like conclusion.
    Call it what you like, when in full play, debate will be a futile exercise in stupidity.
    Have a nice day🙂.


  6. It's a shame the antisemitic hatred towards Jews and Israel that got worse under the hatred of Barack Obama. The democrats in our country have turned on Israel even working with Iran destroy that country.

  7. Obama hated Jews. Who ya kidding? And Harris...Who is openly defying Biden about the border...after only two months...Will be even worse. She will Amendment 25 you, Joe...you were a sucker to pick her and now we're all go in to pay for it!

    1. Joe can then move back to his own mansion and resume showers with his granddaughter.

  8. 2:23^^^^

    Mythology? A Jewish historian, Josephius, who greatly disliked the Christian movement, documented Pilate's entire event. A matter of fact, he was like the Walter Cronkite of Jerusalem, and documented thousands of events there, of all types, he was not a religous man. His scripts are still studied by historians and in Universities all over the world. There was a man named Jesus for sure.

  9. People don't realize crime is EVERYWHERE!

    I was at Ward Parkway Target a few years ago when the mass shooting happened. There was a shooting at my workplace years ago that killed several workers. A kid I went to Church with was shot dead by his schoolmates who robbed him. I have been in the World Trade Center many, many times. The gas station I go to at 96th and Nall had a worker shot dead a few years ago. You have to realize how close many freed "unreformed" prison maybe walking the streets and look out for trouble. Its sad when people are victims. Try not to become one yourself. Dont go out after 11pm at night! Nothing good happens then. It used to be people placed markers by the side of roads where accidents took place and killed someone. Many, many markers were everwhere on the highways. If we placed the same markers for murder victims on the spots they were murdered you would be shocked how many would around the entire town.

  10. I remember when the black kid fired randomly into a crowd of white people at First Fridays in the Crossroads. A young white Christian girl was killed when struck in the head. A hate crime? nahh, just the cost of doing business in the city. Nobody has their panties in a bunch over her.

  11. There are few actual hate crimes. Murderers do not stop and ask you what religion you are. They just want you dead. They do not believe in God. Therefore they have no reason to feel any guilt, as ultimatley they are not held accountable in the afterlife, and only here if caught, and even then any murderer can get out early for "good behavior" in prison (how do you misbehave when there are armed guards monitoring you). So the Godless act Godlessly and the people who believe in God act Godly. Since "nothing cannot produce something", per the 2nd law of thermodynamics, then a creator must have made the earth. You dont really think complex DNA just developed from nothing but pond scum do you? How could it, after the world was 100% sterlized by the millions of years it was molten hot rock? Life comes from sterile 10,000 rock? How?

  12. 8:35 the Kansas City Atheist Coalition is a hate group. My dad was a recepient of their hate.

    He died in hospice after being mercilessly smeared and lied about.

    I know who did it.

  13. Leave it to Bill Tammeus to get on this bandwagon and even slip in a plug for his own fictional book.

  14. 9:05 ^^^

    The problem with atheists is since they claim is no God, no real rules, no eternal punishment, only temporary laws by shifting and disappearing governments - then you can do whatever you want. But they are wrong 100% and will go to Hell. There they will suffer forever, crying out for Jesus, who was the only one who could save them to begin with - but its too late, they will remain in hell. They will pay for the way they treated your father, while in hell

  15. ^^and you will join them for proclaiming to know what God wants and casting your judgement on them. Too bad. Bye bye now.

  16. 12:17 ^^^

    Have you ever read God's word, the Bible? Pick it up sometime. Jesus preached more about the possibility of going to hell than anything else. Its actually the only reason he came to earth. To save people from hell. He didnt come to earth to make people happy, wealthy, fulfilled, popular, top athletes or succesfull in their jobs. No, he only came to save people from hell. And the Bible is extremely loaded with examples of people that will go to hell and examples of those who will go to heaven, IN GREAT DETAIL. So yes, we know exactly what God wants. We know exactly who he said would go to heaven or hell, Its clearly outlined in over 10 sections. We are not judges, we can't sentence people, we have no authority - but we can tell people they will go to heaven or hell however. And how to avoid hell and avoid GOD's judgement. As God is the only judge! If you have ever coveted, lied, lusted, committed adultery, stolen, swore, put other things in higher priority than God then you have broken the 10 commandments. The penalty is hell. Even if you "lived a pretty good life". 1 sin is all thats needed to condemn you. Don't worry about me, I am a frail woman with no powers - worry about the moment you stand before God on judgement day and HE decides your future because YOU didn't while you had the chance. How many churches have you driven by in your life? How many Crosses have you ever seen? How many times have you heard "Jesus Saves"? You can't plead ignorance - only guilty. Hell is devoid of anything you want or love. its permanent deprivation and misery. Its your choice. God cast a vote for you to go to heaven, the devil cast a vote for you to go to hell and YOU get to cast the tie breaking vote! What will it be?

  17. If Jesus was God, then the Jews who screamed "let his blood be upon us and our children" to Pilate sure got that wish. They have been hunted and hated ever since that fateful day.

    Why would the Jews want to kill Jesus anyway? He did nothing wrong. Not a mention of 1 thing he did to hurt anyone ever. He was homeless, had no money, was never in politics, only had 12 followers. There must have been many people back then that wandered around claiming to be God, it was probably a common thing amoung people, just as it is today. So what was the big deal about thousands of jewish leaders demanding he be killed? After all, he was a Jew just like them.

  18. The real question is : why did the Jews line up for miles to have their sick and crippled Jews healed instantly by Jesus - but then refused to believe he was anything more than a mortal man?

    And the Jews killed him for his claim "he was the son of God". He didnt even say he was God. Just a "son". Now if someone healed me instantly - i would at gladly at least let him claim to be at least a "son of God". And made sure he was never hurt so he could continue to heal my friends and the aging.

    If he was God, or his Son, is it any wonder why the Jews (and others) have been persecuted as they made themselves enemies of God? It makes sense now.


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