Kansas City Friday News Turnaround

Right now elite Insta-hottie Khloe is one of our faves and her newsworthy promo work not only influences the global discourse but inspires this blast of community news, pop culture and top headlines.

Kansas City Cashing Checks

Kansas Citians make plans to use new round of stimulus checks

Another round of stimulus checks will be going to 85% of American households. As the government prepares to send checks, people in Kansas City plan how they'll use the money."Oh, this will mean a lot. Pay some bills, stuff like that, clean up debt, all kinds of stuff," said Uzo Ajoku, of Kansas City."Get caught up on a lot of stuff.

No Go In JoCo

Edgerton warehouse plan partially delayed after Johnson County residents speak out

EDGERTON, Kan. - Residents from Johnson and Miami counties have scored a temporary, partial victory after a long council meeting last night ended up delaying a controversial construction project. The Edgerton City Council is partially delaying a vote that would have cleared the way for recently annexed land to be rezoned for industrial use.

Jazz NextGen Debuts

KCUR's Newest Show Brings The Music That Inspires Jazz Trumpeter Hermon Mehari To Kansas City

World-renowned jazz musician Hermon Mehari is bringing his voice and record collection to Kansas City airwaves in the form of KCUR's new music show, The Session With Hermon Mehari. Though the award-winning trumpeter currently resides in Paris, Mehari's Kansas City roots have called him back starting Saturday, March 13 at 7 p.m.

Scantily Clad Hottie Influences MILLIONS Of Adoring Fans

Khloe Terae Turns Heads In A Checkered Bikini In Smoldering Bathtub Video

Khloe Terae turned heads on Tuesday, February 16, when she treated her 2.6 million Instagram followers to a smoldering new post. The Canadian model and influencer took to her popular account to share a video in which she struck a series of seductive poses in a bathtub as she rocked a stylish swimsuit.


Military leaders thrash Tucker Carlson after comments about female troops

At that event, Biden said the military was undertaking "relatively straightforward work" to better reflect gender diversity within its ranks and retain female recruits, including "designing body armor that fits women properly, tailoring combat uniforms for women, creating maternity flight suits [and] updating requirements for their hairstyles."

AOC Demands Cuomo Out

Several House Democrats, including Ocasio-Cortez, Jerry Nadler, call for Cuomo to resign

Several House Democrats from New York, including Reps. Jerry Nadler and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, called on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign on Friday, increasing the pressure on the governor to step down amid an investigation into multiple sexual harassment allegations.

COVID Still Kills

The US might be fooled by improving Covid-19 numbers, experts say, as tens of thousands of Americans are predicted to die by July

Covid-19 numbers may be on the decline in the United States after a year of collective grief. But with tens of thousands of deaths expected over the next few months, experts are warning Americans not to drop their guard just yet.

Prez Biden Confronts China

Biden's meeting with "the Quad," a new alliance to counter China, explained

When President Joe Biden meets virtually with the leaders of Japan, India, and Australia on Friday, he'll be doing much more than joining a routine gathering of nations. He'll be showcasing the growing importance of an informal alliance of those four countries to counter China, known as "the Quad."

Brit Talker Thrives On Dispute

Piers Morgan 'thrives on the uproar' over Meghan Markle

Piers Morgan isn't bothered by the commotion following his public criticism of Meghan Markle, sources confirm to Page Six. The bombastic Brit revealed he was forced to leave his job on "Good Morning Britain" because he wouldn't apologize to Markle for disbelieving her claims about her mental health, but a source who knows him tells Page Six he isn't concerned and "thrives on the uproar."

Hipsters Share Worthwhile Kansas City Helping Hand

Giving the Basics is the hygiene resource hub for those in need

Giving the Basics volunteers loading up items for delivery. // Photo courtesy of Giving the Basics. In 2011, Teresa Hamilton was contacted by a close friend who was newly divorced with six children and struggling to make ends meet. They were requesting food donations from the local pantry, but basic necessities like shampoo, toothpaste, laundry detergent, diapers, and toilet paper...

More Plaza Coffee Talk

Messenger Coffee Co. Will Soon Hit The Plaza With-Count 'Em!-Two Locations - In Kansas City

Java junkies, rejoice! Messenger Coffee Co. is bringing their farm-direct, locally roasted coffee to the Country Club Plaza. And, before you ask, yes-both stores will feature IBIS Bakery's famous, local pastries and breads. It's a perfect addition to the Plaza-a beloved local coffee brand coming to one of Kansas City's most iconic locations.

Soggy Weekend Forecast

Your Storm Track 5 Daily Forecast

Have your umbrella and rain gear ready to go if you are heading out for the evening and don't pack it away this weekend. Rain and cool air has moved in already and will stubbornly hang around this weekend while an east wind whips in at a blustery pace adding to the level of goose bumps you will have if you spend much time outside.

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  1. I’m guessing fredo coumo isn’t going to be the next dimwit darling to run for President huh! Another dimwit party official bites the dust!

  2. ^^^ It’s up to seven women now and the dimwit party is dead silent, if this was only one fake accusation from thirty years ago they would have taken any body else’s head off with a sword.

    Seven is undeniable and these just happened in the last several years. I sure hope these poor women are in protective custody so they and their families don’t end up dead.


  3. So funny Meghan Markle and her wimp were caught in so many lies and contradictions. Harry the wimp was just caught saying he takes Archie on bike rides which is something he never got to do when he was a kid, and then there is a picture posted of him on the back of Prince Charles bike with William. Markle the creepy psychopath said the Royal Family took her passport away but yet she went to NY from the UK for a baby shower and then it was counted that she went to 12 different countries. Gee the Royal Family is the family Markle never had says Harry but at the same time he left it because they are toxic. Liar Liar Pants on Fire.


    There once was a rich woman from Quebec
    Who met a furloughed Yank with a big deck
    She exclaimed, "I love your long lumber..
    ..and here's my phone number"
    The Yank, now in luck
    Was soon nailing the Canuck!!!

  5. China will clean our clock in a future war as the U.S. Military has gone WOKE.

    Plus, China will demand payment of U.S. Debt which will bring down our financial house of cards.

    Can't imagine General Patton leading an Army of transgenders, women and homo's into combat.

  6. Cuomo should have stuck with fatties.

    He is too ugly for pretty girls to flirt back with him.

    Guy looks like he was cast out of the Adam's Family or Munsters.

    Cuomo should sue his plastic surgeon like Nancy Pelosi should as they look like zombies.


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