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From this town's most prolific author on the topic of faith & morals: A thoughtful book review and consideration of the man who has been credited with more sports victories than any other deity.

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Again the ancient question: Who do you say Jesus is?

It should be no surprise to you that just as there are thousands of divisions within Christianity, so are there thousands of images of and ideas about who Jesus is. One oversimplified way to think about that is to imagine...


  1. Bill is trying to cover up his own apostasy. He thinks we don't see that. Tony, can't you find someone better for a faith commenter?

  2. Who do you think Jesus was (not is)?

    If Tony must have a faith commentator (and of course, that's not a given) why must he be a christian?

    There are other religions, just as absurd, we could pretend are real; or our we still pretending that there our no Muslims, Hindi, or Jews, etc. living here?

    Or worse yet, our we still pretending this is a White Christian Country?

    Madison said not.

  3. Byron, and who do suggest? An atheist commentator spewing hatred?
    After all, when atheists want to blame Christians for the countries failures they claim it IS a Christian nation. But when they don't, it isn't.

  4. Nah, @5:17 we'd prefer somebody like you, a Religious Fanatic spewing hatred and loudly claiming that anyone you disaprove of is an "atheist".

    You're much more vocal and fervent in your unchristian ravings, and therefore much more fun to read.

  5. Byron Funkhouser3/27/21, 6:40 PM

    He was a carpenter's apprentice. Period. Joel Osteen is really gawd.

  6. Jesus is either your savior and best friend,

    or Jesus is the one who will judge and sentence you to hell, he will be your worse enemy for all time.

    Those are the only 2 choices. And he didn't come here to "save everyone" like a Santa Claus. Just save the ones that follow him. But its your choice.

  7. ^^^^And you have verifiable proof of this?

  8. 6:20 and 7:10...nice try Bill. Why don't you retire and quit posting like you said you were going to a year ago?

  9. God is my judge. Jesus is my lawyer
    It all boils down to that

  10. Anti-Christianity propagandist Bill Tammeus is up to his usual tricks.

    Here he's highlighting the work of Diana Butler Bass without disclosing to the reader her agenda.

    Diana Butler Bass is an American historian of Christianity and an advocate for "progressive Christianity." So what exactly is "progressive Christianity"?

    Progressive Christianity is characterized by a willingness to question tradition, acceptance of human diversity, a strong emphasis on social justice and care for the poor and the oppressed, and environmental stewardship of the earth. This leads to a focus on promoting values such as compassion, justice, mercy, and tolerance, often through political activism. Can you say "Liberal Democrats", "SJW", "BLM", "Open Borders", "Climate Change", and "LGBTQ"?

    Bass began teaching in 1991 as an assistant professor of religious studies at Westmont College, from which she was fired in 1995.

    Tammeus loses again!

  11. All the graves of religous leaders are occupied except for 1:

    Jesus grave - unoccupied / yes empty (was guarded by legion of Roman soldiers under the penalty of death)

    Mohammed's grave - occupied
    Buddha's grave - occupied
    Confucious grave - occupied
    Moses grave - occupied
    St Francis grave - occupied
    Mary Baker Eddy - occupied
    swaminarayan - occupied
    Joseph Smith - occupied
    Bahu llah - occupied
    All the eastern religion founders - occupied

  12. According to Jesus (not me) Donald Trump will be going to hell when he dies.

    Read the Beatitudes. Its sole purpose is to explain who will NOT go to heaven.


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