Kansas City Faith Blogger Argues Against Violence In The Name Of God

This morning, the most prolific local writer on the topic of morality offers a worthwhile perspective on faith-based hate. 

Here's his money line . . . 

"Indeed, time after time throughout history we've seen radicalism and violence spring from religious certitude. Once you think God is on your side or you are on God's side, there's hardly a limit to the nonsense you can believe and the destructive acts you can perform."

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A new effort to unplug religious extremism

We are now two months out from the 1/6 domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol building in Washington, D.C., but clearly we aren't past it. And may not be for some time. Not only are law enforcement agencies and courts...


  1. One example of extremism would be Allah sucking goat dick. Not normal at all, except for Muslims.

  2. Haven't seen any stories about terrorist nuns cutting off heads or machine gunning men, women and children. Moose limbs on the other hand seen to enjoy the challenge and have so for centuries.

  3. ^^You post too much, never have anything useful to add, and are boring. How about you take a break for a while?

  4. ^^^
    @ 7:52 and your comment doesn't seem to have anything of value to offer except telling others what to say and what to do. How funny, or I should say, how stupid.

  5. 8:12 AM

    Don't be too rough with him this morning. Mommy didn't put sprinkles on his cupcake last night.

  6. We are now two months out from the 1/6 domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol building in Washington, D.C., but clearly we aren't past it. And may not be for some time.

    ReligiousextremismNot only are law enforcement agencies and courts still busy bringing perpetrators to justice, but Congress continues to explore what happened and how to prevent it. Beyond that, various segments of society are studying what happened and how to make sense of that.

    Billy, you fuckin piece of shit. Why don't you tell the truth about the tow tiered justice system you fuckin hack. There are almost a hundred people in jail, extradited to an enemy city in an enemy country full of enemies, Washington D.C. held without bail (no fuckin Habeas Corpus for us white boys) that include a mother of 8 with no record and a young kid, 18 years old, with no record.

    Hey Billy - again - you fuckin piece of shit, did you see the (No doubt he did, it's "60 Minutes" after all, required viewing for all Fascist/Progressives) "60 Minutes" interview of the "Shaman" guy, who again you Fascist fuck, is held without bail?

    He is a weird dude, no doubt, but represents NO THREAT to anyone or anybody.

    It's fuckin insane unconstitutional (Not that scumbag,"ends justify the means Fascists like you would care.), illegal and disgusting.

    But sure you fuckhead piece of shit, let's all concentrate on the January 6th "insurrection" that took place with NO guns and for the most part, was aided and abetted by the police who let the folks in, through the ropes and took "selfies" with the "INSURRECTIONISTS".

    For years, you piece of shit, you have made excuses for BLM/AntiFa while they burned cities and neighborhoods to the fuckin ground, but NOW!! OMG!! they broke windows and went into the Capital!!! The two tiered justice system is in place and if you don't support the Fascist/Progressive narrative, you can expect, at some point, a knock on the door.

    Fuck you you fuckin liar.

  7. Sorry I was so pissed off I didn't put quotes around the first two paragraphs.

    What a fuckin liar he is.

  8. Again, fuck you you Fascist piece of shit.

  9. Meds, Chuck. Meds.

  10. 9:23 Fuck you too you Fascist fuck.

  11. I am proud to say, that I directed my party, the Democrat Party to send funds to Kenosha and many other cities, where BLM/AntiFa thugs were burning, looting and assaulting the police, attacking Federal buildings, wrecking neighborhoods and business' in order to get those same BLM/AntiFa thugs out of jail, so they could wreak more havoc. It helped me get elected and I am here now, thanks to followers like Billy Tammy.


    By the way, with very, very few exceptions, none of the brave, intrepid BLM/AntiFa "tip of the spear" brown shirts have, or will be prosecuted.

    Again I am very proud to support the BLM/AntiFa heroes who got me to this high station and again, thanks Bill!

    Hey, do you smell smoke?

  12. Bill, there were no arms at the "armed insurrection".... oh yeah except for the one the dirt bag agent shot Ashli Babbitt point blank in the neck with. It amazes me you hid yourself at the KC Star for so many years and nobody knew you were a communist... at least until now.

  13. Good grief you nasty little Trump Faggots are pissy today!
    What's wrong, sore assholes?

    Listen your gutless wonders, don't try any of your piss elegant pseudo-machismo outside in the real world, your wimpy little butts will get kicked up to your skinny little shoulder blades.

    Just stay here on TKC and trying to use your keyboard commando horseshit to convince anyone you could beat a seven year old Girl Scout in a fight.

  14. 9:43 Whatever - address the facts.

    Are there, or are there not, a hundred or so people, held without bail, in Washington D.C., for, essentially, breaking and entering. Are there, or, are there not, people who wandered into the Capital, with the police looking on, who did NOTHING, held without bail?

    Is the "Shaman" guy, who is on film, goofing around with the cops and laughing with folks, who did NOTHING held without bail?

    Did the Democrats and the Biden/Harris campaign send money to BLM/AntFa thugs in cities all over America to make sure they could make bail in order to burn, loot and assault the cops?

    Facts are facts, scale counts and the truth is the truth.

    So, go fuck yourself cocksucker.

  15. No need to lift my lantern for Billy. I just read this article and puked into my crotch.

  16. Billy Tammeus3/6/21, 10:04 AM

    Did it ever occur to you "God people" that ever since you were crapping in your diapers, someone, usually your parents, were grabbing your arm and hauling you off somewhere to hear some preacher, priest, rabbi, imam fill you with nonsense about an invisible sky man, before you ever had a chance to REASON for yourselves?

    Why did they do that? Because that's what they experienced.

    You DID NOT LEARN about God! You were (ARE STILL BEING) TOLD YOU HAD TO BELIEVE IN the sky man's existence. (In many cases by preachers with IQ's around room temperature, and often with a somewhat Southern drawl.) Also, it is always necessary to threaten one with hellfire and all sorts of terrors, TO GET DONATIONS !!!!! God(s) is/are always broke and needs YOUR MONEY.

  17. Byron Funkhouser3/6/21, 10:09 AM

    Depending on your planetary locale, you would now be worshiping Allah (Quran), Christ (Bible), Buddah (Sutras) and Witch doctors tossing bones, with the same fervor, insisting that was the only way.

    Have a little courage and take a minute to consider that. Look around and see if you really perceive EVIDENCE of an invisible, compassionate, all powerful being who really cares and thinks about YOU as an individual.

    Don't start quoting verses from the many different bibles, written by folks who had no idea about the immensity of the universe, and mostly thought the Earth was flat and the sun revolved around it and, at the speed of light, (around 186,500 mph) it would take about 100,000 years JUST TO CROSS OUR MILKYWAY GALAXY (among millions or trillions of other galaxies). Instead THINK. That is NOT A SIN. You've been told it is, but IT IS NOT. Or go listen to Joel Osteen or Falwell Jr.

  18. Hey chuck, if you were in Hong Kong, I would extradite you to Peking and hold you without bail for telling the truth.

    It's what's for dinner here in China and it's what's for dinner in Washington D.C. where Fascists run the show.

  19. Tammeus bends over backwards to defend the violence of Communists and Muslims.

  20. Malaria Trumps Left Nipple3/6/21, 10:59 AM

    What kind of god murders babies inside their mothers?....allows a mother to give birth to a dead baby?...Gives a baby, not one, but multiple
    birth defects?....your 'loving' god!
    Apparently..... That's what The RCC taught me for 17yrs......
    If you need any answers...just listen to Paula White, Kat Kerr, Kenny'THEHORSESASS' Copeland, just watch out for his...EYES, he can make a dick
    hard just lookin' at it!..your the proof....
    You shitfaced fuckwhistles can suck TrumpMonkeys ass and lick god's dick and still never wipe your mouthes...
    .....may god blow his wad in one of your ears and watch it cum out the other.......

    .....I appreciate you reading this copy.



  21. I wonder how long humans will have to continue to say and repeat that--hello?--it's no way okay to condone your own violence in the name of what you call your "god." Or "God." Whatever.



  22. too many commenters here are dumb and uninformed as a box of rocks.



    1. Except they weren't armed...and the only person shot was an unarmed protestor shot by a cop.

  23. malaria at 10:59..PLANNED PARENTHOOD does all those things. But you sound bitter...let me guess; you have a birth defect and your penis is deformed?

  24. 10:04 Has never read Aquinas. Start with Summa Contra Gentiles and then move onto the Summa Theologica. You brain cannot hold a candle to the Angelic Doctor’s genius. He perceived the truth even if you are too dim a bulb to ever sense anything outside of your basest appetites.

  25. I did not make the comment at 10:09.


    "1/6 domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol"

    "especially certain Christians who identify as evangelical"

    "decrying 'radicalized Christian nationalism,' arguing that the religious expressions by insurrectionists during the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol are 'heretical' and a 'perversion of the Christian faith.'”

    “We know from experts on radicalization that one of the key elements is a belief that your actions are ‘blessed by God’ and ordained by your faith."

    Tammeus gets so completely lost in his nonsense above, that he actually slips in a personal confession (below):
    "radicalism and violence spring from religious certitude. Once you think God is on your side or you are on God's side, there's hardly a limit to the nonsense you can believe and the destructive acts you can perform. It's one reason I wrote my book The Value of Doubt: Why Unanswered Questions, Not Unquestioned Answers, Build Faith."

    Bill Tammeus believes that God is on his side, and his fictional book writings are proof that "there's hardly a limit to the nonsense you can believe and the destructive acts you can perform."

  27. Meds, Chuck. Meds!

  28. People fail to realize God has already disclosed the future, its his future, he controls it. Part of it is: Many will fail to pass thru the "narrow gate".

    Meaning most people will live, die and go to hell forever. God is a violent being and in the far past insisted women and children and livestock be killed when his people took over a land.

    Don't like that? Disagree? Want to be on the opposite side? Then don't expect God to "save you". He only came to save those that follow him. The rest are hell bound. Religions dont like to preach that. And if your a "pretty good person" then you will also go to hell. Hell is filled with good people even people that admired Jesus, but decided not to follow him. Just a warning.

  29. Although Old Bill said he would not write anymore- there he is trying to remain relevant.
    While most retirees in their 90’s are sipping water and watching I Love Lucy reruns- Bill is still out there trying to earn enough to make up for whatever he thinks he needs- be it money or relevance.

    Some day Bill be too old to write and some bloggers here can pretend to be him and write with his name. It could be much more interesting and more relevant than him actually writing.

    Maybe for now he could invent a new pillow and hawk them like the My Pillow guy. Bill could put some of his stories on his pillows and cure insomnia once and for all.

  30. "Kansas City Faith Blogger Argues Against Violence In The Name Of God"

    How ignorant. Since God has given each person the death penalty, and it will be carried out : "the wages of sin is death", per God. Isn't that violence?

    God isnt a Santa Claus. He is furious. IE, the wrath of God. Just make sure you don't die with "your sins on you", or you will be punished after death too.


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