Kansas City FAILS Firefighters Amid COVID

This request to protect the KCFD has been in the pipeline for MONTHS but, sadly, it seems that City Hall has been much more effective in shutting down small biz than working with first responders.

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Kansas City Fire Department Lost Three Members To COVID-19. It Didn't Get Vaccine Priority.

Firefighters grappling with burnout, stagnant pay and a lack of personal protective equipment are even more frustrated to find they are lower down the vaccine priority list than health care workers despite serving on the front lines of the medical system.


  1. Lucas continues to ignore black on black murders.


  2. Well that's because certain people in city hall and congress were too busy burning down the house of their rival, so it seems reasonable that they would neglect anything that pertains to the fire dept. or the police dept. unless of course they needed them their selves. BTW they say the jab does not keep you from getting COVID so what exactly is the purpose of taking it? Something you better check into.

  3. Because these foolish politicians were trying to appease the Black reverunds and focus their efforts on giving vaccine to them....who don't want it!!

  4. I have nothing against the firefighters. I want their help when/if needed.

    My question is, 'What is unique about their job, that would suggest higher risk chances of contracting Covid than anyone else? The only thing I can think of is the dorm like setting at the stations. Is that it?'

  5. But the Trumpos told me its not real?

    1. Take the shot my friend it’s good for you

  6. kelly = cuomo

    she's mismanaging the pandemic, from no tests early on to no vaccines until way late.

  7. 214, I’ll assume you are asking sincerely: its because they’re going into the homes of really sick people with covid. It’s because they work in tiny little ambulances with inadequate ventilation. It’s because trump prioritized hospitals getting masks over front line responders. Its because unlike the hospital, there’s nobody to screen everyone at the door, kick out all the family who can’t come in. It’s because there’s no janitors to clean up the rooms, no infection control people to monitor the workflow or staffing.

    That’s why.


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