Kansas City Electric Car Renaissance Underway With Upcoming Street Light Charging Stations For Jerk With A Tesla

High-priced real estate is a now a sketchy proposition in Kansas City as rising crime and pending municipal bankruptcy make living in this violent cowtown even more challenging.

However . . . There are new amenities on the way for the upper-middle-class and their toys.

Check this effort which hopes to plug into a luxury car trend and charge up the cowtown economy . . . Read more:

Kansas City plans curbside charging for electric vehicles on streetlights - Energy News Network

Kansas City plans to piggyback electric vehicle charging on existing streetlights as a way to improve access in areas currently lacking charging options. The federally funded pilot project is being led by the nonprofit Metropolitan Energy Center, whose partners include the city and utility Evergy.


  1. Who is funding this after the federal funding has run dry? Electric cars the wave of the future? Time will tell.

  2. Drivers will be sitting ducks for getting robbed and expensive cars stolen while charging.

  3. ^^Oh no Grammy! What do we do?? I’m so scared!!! I’m never going outside again!!! Oh the horror!!!!

    1. Go easy on 6:47 Bub, it's the same brilliant Grammy who deduced that a frozen windmill caused the entire great state of Texas to blackout!

      Just think of all the anti-environmental red meat politicians pulled from that one windmill, we don't that to happen here! TKC would have never-ending commentary stupidity!

  4. The copper charging cables won’t last 24 hours on the street.

  5. Ok bub, who’s paying for all that coal fired electricity? Is this a free hookup? And he’s right, I can see the cords to charge these cars overnight being stolen and it won’t take long for the hoodrats and hobos to figure out how to steal electricity from this ridiculous idea. It won’t last in the central core that’s for damn sure, stupid fuckers will find a way to get electrocuted and then sue the power company.

    I’ve already heard of idiots re routing the wires to fry peoples $16,000 batteries in these cars.

  6. Sincere question. How do the car owners pay to use the charging stations? Or are they free to use

  7. Not only is the electricity free but they pay no tax for highways and streets. I do believe electric cars will be the future but it needs to be done in a manner that doesn't unduly penalize those with conventional autos. Especially when you consider that electric vehicles are mostly owned by the rich and the gasoline powered autos will be owned by the poor for decades to come.

  8. Charging stations get their electricity from the grid, which uses fossil fuels to generate it. Unless these eco cars run on lightening, they just switch the source of pollution from the tail pipe to the power plant. But no doubt the virtue signal makes it all worthwhile.

  9. Could we just fix potholes, update water lines and sewers and pave streets???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Idiots running this town

  10. ^Them move to Belton fucktard! Problem solved. Old people are so dumb.

  11. Did Evergy hire a board member to plant wind farms? $700,000 salary, $700,000 yearly bonus, $1,200,000 cash and $2,600,000 signing bonus?

    Valentine's day 2021 stuck it to you. Electric company shutdown electricity to Permian Basin natural gas pumps powering natural gas plants. D'oh.

    US Representatives and Senators want to give you a loan for this 220x electric and 100x gas price hike that their and Obama policies created by killing coal and nuclear.

    Lol, we still need coal to make solar panels. Old wind turbine blades are filling the land fills, lol.

    Nobody talks about the energy list as heat from charging or that batteries wildly underperform in sub zero temps.

  12. ^^^ batteries do not hold a full charge during the cold winter months, they drain rather quickly in cold weather. I know a guy who has four Tesla’s (family of four) and he’s constantly charging them when it gets cold and the amount of miles you can drive drops like a rock too.

    The batteries have a life span of 8yrs and cost $16,000 to replace, who’s gonna buy a used electric vehicle after it’s five or six years old knowing the batteries cost that much to replace? Nobody, what happens to these cars after that? What happens to the used batteries after they’re done?

    It’s not rocket science to figure that out.

  13. These are all good questions. Are these charging stations going to be free or will they require credit cards to operate?

    If they're free, this is really welfare for the well-to-do, since who else can afford one of these cars, especially since, as 10:17 points out, they'll pretty all have to be newer vehicles?


  14. And the taxpayers will get hit again by having to pay the bill for charging someone's car!! Brilliantly stupid idea!!

  15. Read the article people it isn't free to use.

    This is a stupid idea. So everywhere these are put in can only a battery powered car be allowed to park there? If a car is parked there and not charging is the police suppose to have it towed? Or will a lot of needed parking spaces sit empty because most charge their cars up at home.

    Battery powered cars are a wet dream to who I have no idea. They save nothing and in fact cost more than a normal powered car to operate not to mention the added extra load on the power grid that can't handle a simple cold snap here in middle America.

    Where are all these old batteries going to end up when they will no longer hold a charge after a life span of almost 6 years at a cost of app 16K to replace?

    Will they end up in a field along side the blades off a wind generator?

  16. more charging stations compel people to buy electric cars or there are enough electric cars to make this necessary.
    one or the other.

  17. EVs are fun! I love to unplug them from the chargers after the owners walk away.

  18. The mayor plans to have free charging stations by installing a $5 a minute parking meter in front of it. No money, no charging.

  19. ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars will be halted 95% in product by 2026.
    Most new E-cars will enjoy robust rebates by the Biden administration with some folks bagging $10k per car in 2022.
    Diesels will be outlawed by 2024.

    What’s to make of all of this?

    KC leads the nation in having Mayor 10-10-10 break the local economy with Professor Wrecks Archer’s brilliant scientific reasoning of shutting great eateries down by using “no sound science” and making some go out of business for good and then cutting city Seevices and raising taxes.

    Florida is a great example of how cities there should be run. Even Springfield MIssouri laughed and had full eateries while the KC star race-bated and wants the KC chiefs to change their name.

    One percent of you income- poor or rich - is collected in KC and no other city in MIssouri does this except St Louis. Guess which 2 cities lead in murders?


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