Kansas City Doctors Boldly Endorse COVID Vaxx For The Unborn

A historically tough judgement call confronts moms, testing their judgement and strength . . . Like just about every other important decision.

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Kansas City-area doctors say pregnant women can get COVID-19 vaccine

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Since the beginning of the pandemic, Mary Williams has been working on the front-lines at Saint Luke's Hospital. As a nurse, she became eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine during her pregnancy. Not knowing what do, she spoke to her doctor and decided to get vaccinated during her second trimester.


  1. Sadly, there may be a rash of birt defects from this. But the media won't cover it.

  2. ^That's only because they've never heard of "birt" defects. Weird. Ignorant simp.

    1. Dr. Chimpy! Thank goodness. Hurry up with those hot takes from the CDC! We've been waiting!! Lol

  3. Doctors always know what's best, especially with rushed emergency-use authorized vaccines.

  4. Kansas City-area doctors say pregnant women can get COVID-19 vaccine....if they're ignorant and naive.

    All 3 available Covid-19 "vaccines" are experimental only.
    None have received routine authorization/approval by the FDA.
    Only 1 of the 3 is a vaccine, the other 2 are mRNA genetic modification agents.
    None prevent you from contracting the virus.
    None prevent you from passing the virus to others.
    You're still advised to socially distance and wear a mask afterwards.
    If you're under age 80, in general good health, and do nothing else, even if you contract the virus and develop symptoms, your survival odds are approximately 99%.

    Ask yourself why they're now aggressively pushing these "vaccines" onto young children and infants, when that age-group was never at significant risk.

  5. Anybody remember Thalidomide, said to be safe for pregnant women who later birthed babies with flippers for arms and legs? The BBC said it was the new wonder drug. BBC no better now than back then.

  6. Watch and hope this doctor is wrong :



  7. Of course doctors want this they want to kill your baby. They are mostly after black babies.

  8. ^^^^^^

    Blacks are too stupid to see that. They still support the ones who keep them down. Idiots

  9. WOW unbelievable.

    An experimental shot that is not a true vaccine. No longterm studies. Spontaneous miscarriages already reported not to mention that kids have a 99.998% survival rate.

    Are ppl really this brainwashed by anything on their jew tubes?

    if you are pregnant or want to have kids in the future...stay away from the shot. Why take the chance when the virus risk is so minuscule to anyone under 50.

  10. I’m sure they clueless people push the vaccine on the unborn. They probably feel the world is over populated too ,people do research don’t listen to the liars.


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