Kansas City Destroys Historic Disney Church

This mickey mouse cowtown turns just about every notable structure into rubble.

Accordingly, here's a long gone connection to a pile of bricks that nobody bothered to preserve.

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Historic: A church beloved by Disney family is coming down

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Walt Disney used to stand at the corner of East 36th and Walnut streets in Kansas City and admire how the Westminster Congregational Church looked particularly like a castle. "Uncle Walt was always taken by architecture," said his nephew, Charles Elias Disney.


  1. KC administration needs that money to get more cheap ugly buildings with their pimps the developers.

  2. Walts time in KC was only until he came up with a plan to leave and never come back. This was a very small part of his life . Developers make it into something it never was or ever will be.

  3. Walt hated KC. So who cares. Old churches get torn down all the time. They get old and dangerous. No other choice. Think Walt really cares about the Church that was ripped down at this very moment? Nope!

  4. But you can ride the toy train for free!

  5. Disney is a nobody. Zuckerberg, Musk, Gates - they are the builders of the USA. Disney was just another old movie director. Plenty of them around.


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