Kansas City Crime Scene: Community Activists Rally Against Deadly Police Shootings As Another Season Of Rising Violence Confronts Embattled Cowtown

In this compilation we focus mostly on reaction to the Donnie Sanders deadly police shooting and the decision from the prosecutor to forgo prosecution.

Here's today's top crime scene story . . .

Residents, family members of Donnie Sanders protest Jackson County Prosecutor's Office

The debate threatens to persist amid continued criticism against police leadership.

Meanwhile, KCPD has admitted difficulty keeping up with the pace of local violence as this week it took days to name the victims after a spate of murders.

Also included in this compilation are a few odd stories that remind us that the Midwest can, indeed, be a dangerous place:

Counting KCMO Dead

Kansas City police identify victims in Sunday's three separate homicides

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City Police have released the names of the victims killed in three separate homicides, all taking place before noon on Sunday morning. The first homicide Sunday was reported just before 4 a.m. in the area of East 12th Street and Grand Boulevard.

Community Push Back

Ad Hoc Group Against Crime: No charges in officer shootings happens 'too often'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Charges not being filed in situations where a police officer shoots and kills a Black man happens "all too often," according to one Kansas City, Missouri, advocacy group. As such, Damon Daniel, president of the Ad Hoc Group Against Crime, said he wasn't surprised to hear the same happened in relation to the March 2020 shooting death of Donnie Sanders.

Friends & Family Continue Fight For Accountability

'Whatever it takes': Family of Donnie Sanders has demands for prosecutor, KCPD after officer not charged

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The family of Donnie Sanders, who was shot and killed by a Kansas City police officer last March, have announced a list of demands after the prosecutor's decision not to file charges against the officer. Jackson Country Prosecutor Jean Peters Bakers said Monday there was not enough evidence to charge the officer.

KCPD Shares Shooting Policy

KCPD talks training, protocol following Donnie Sanders decision

Following the announcement that charges wouldn't be filed against the Kansas City, Missouri, police officer who shot and killed a 47-year-old man - and questions from his family - a department spokesperson discussed training and protocolwith 41 Action News.

Legacy Of Gunfire Tragedy Haunts Kansas City

'Unbelievable again': Mother of man killed by KCPD officer disappointed in Donnie Sanders case

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City is in the national spotlight after no charges were announced in the police shooting of an unarmed Black man. More families are speaking out in solidarity with the family of Donnie Sanders and their new push for answers from the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office.

Horrific Deets Exposed After Father Killed Family

Benton County Sheriff: Father, 2 sons died from gunshot wounds

WARSAW, Mo. - A southwest Missouri man and his two young sons, whose bodies were found on Monday , died from gunshot wounds, authorities said Friday. The Jackson County Medical Examiner's Office ruled 3-year-old Mayson Peak and 4-year-old Kaiden Peak were shot to death, and their father, Darrell Peak, shot himself, Missouri State Highway Patrol spokesman Sgt.

Kansas City Chiefs Postseason Crash Follow-Up Outrage

Family of Child Injured In Car Crash With Former Chiefs Coach Seeking 'Most Serious Charges' | Oxygen Official Site

He is no longer employed by the team after his contract was not renewed, the Associated Press reported. Crime Time is your destination for true crime stories from around the world, breaking crime news, and information about Oxygen's original true crime shows and documentaries.

Missouri Lady Mugshot Exposed Amid Sordid Murder Charges

Lake of the Ozarks real estate agent accused in murder-for-hire plot targeting ex-mother-in-law

by: Chris Six Posted: / Updated: CAMDEN COUNTY, Mo. - A Lake Ozark real estate agent has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder. According to a news release from Camden County Prosecuting Attorney J.


Woman charged for concealing a four-inch revolver in a BODY CAVITY

Amy Natasha Wilhite, 39, was booked on drugs charges and taken into custody at the Boone County Jail on February 14 She underwent a 'thorough' pat down and strip search; officers did not find any weapons in her possession However, on Wednesday, prison guards uncovered a mini revolver in Wilhite's

Weed Vote Coming Soon?!?

Legalizing recreational marijuana in Missouri: Voters could decide in 2022

Could recreational marijuana become legal in Missouri? There are several efforts in the works to make it happen from legislation to petitions, but not everyone is on board. KMBC 9 looks at both sides of the issue and when voters could have a say. Running a medical marijuana dispensary is more than a full-time job.

KC Crime Fight Progress

Greater Kansas City CrimeStoppers tip helps solve 20th homicide since reward increase

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Greater Kansas City CrimeStoppers hit a new milestone Tuesday, contributing to the resolution of the 20th homicide case since increasing tip rewards in 2019. CrimeStoppers said in a tweet that the case was the 662nd solved since the organization began in 1982. Great news!!

Police Need Help Locating Old School Dude

KCPD asking for help locating a missing, endangered man last seen Friday

SOURCE: KCPD The Kansas City Police Department is asking for the public's help locating a missing and endangered 59-year-old man.Police said Donald Gappa was last seen walking Friday near the intersection of E. 35th Street and Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd.Gappa was last seen wearing dark colored clothing.Police said Gappa has medical conditions that require medications.

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  1. I'm for letting the hood rats kill each other. The cops should only arrest hood rats who kill or harm someone who is not a hood rat.


  2. "Community Activist"....that was Obummer's scam before he lied his way into the W H.


  3. Deadly police shootings are justified. Don't sit there and think they are out shooting everyone for no reason. Whoever on the KCPD said they were having trouble keeping up with crime is stupid. This is the fault of the black democrats in our city who hate police and want them gone. Put the blame on your racist mayor he is the one with blood on his hands. Yes the trouble in our country started with the great divider and hater Barack Obama and his big mouth wife. Black people voted for color and who they are told to vote for, and white people vote democrat for one reason, because it's a democrat they have no clue what is going on in the world or what Obama even did. They still think the democrat is for the working man and that's so pathetic people are that stupid and behind.

  4. Nobody wants the police gone you moronic chucklowe, hurry up and die already

  5. SO i go to this field at the end of a road to stop quick to go the bathroom. Hop out of my car, dark, come across where a large concrete parking block begins the place i going somewhere to pee. And a guy is sitting there butt naked, communing with darkness and the feral pigs that are known to hang out around there.

  6. The lynch mob justice of the blm militants is Un-American and goes to show the total Bullshit cry from this ilk of no justice no peace. These are the SAME mindless dolts want somthin dun about the killin but nuthin dun about the killers that make up their ranks.

  7. 5:37 sometimes it does seem like part of the healing process that some folks get to unwantingly participate in, is to give folks including you a platform with a larger audience.

  8. You can't fix stupid.

  9. Tjes protestors should think twice about marching on Peters home. Peters lets the Urban criminal off big time. I say lets get a real Prosecutor in here who will prosecute the Urban criminal to the fullest extent of the law.
    The strategy is, if they are behind bars, these gangsters will not be a danger to the KCMO community.

  10. "KCPD asking for help locating a missing, endangered man last seen Friday"

    Yes, white man walking near E 35th and Cleaver II Blvd is in danger.


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