Kansas City Crime Scene: Activist Outcry Persists Amid Deadly Rising Violence

For the early morning TKC Readers we offer a quick round-up of recent crime news and a glimpse of the growing divide betwixt community leaders vs. law enforcement as homicides and violent crime continue their historic spike.

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KCPD changes policies in wake of last summer's protests

Kansas City community reacts to Colorado mass shooting

KU doctor says seeing acts of gun violence can take a toll on mental health

Overland Park man charged with killing woman, slashing another in Raytown

Police release picture of car suspected in crime spree between Leavenworth County and metro

Blue Springs police seek persistent domestic violence offender

Former Sedgwick County, KS deputy accused of sex crimes with a child arrested in Europe

Johnson County, Kansas, Man Sentenced To 13 Years In ‘Weed’ Deal That Ended With Two Dead

FBI offers reward on 43rd anniversary of heist at Truman Library

Rose Brooks Center domestic violence shelter gets therapy dog

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  1. hopefully kc can develop a new plan before Summer.


  2. Everyone is sick of this George Floyd LIE. George Floyd died of a heart attack due to drugs and he was a criminal. Stop blaming our police officers for something that didn't happen. You want to stop crime? Get the violent black democrats off of the street. If the police don't keep up the force with these people there will be trouble. We are sick of the pampering.

  3. Here's an idea...start pulling over and ticketing people with expired tags. These people are usually up to no good. Temp tags expired since they bought the car two-five years ago, cutting people off, no insurance, I bet these folks most certainly are involved in criminal activity.

  4. ‘Activist’ is just a euphemism for violent, unhinged, jobless moron. Mayor numnuts is the one who responsible for empowering these dangerous criminals. He should be in jail with the rest of these scumbags.

  5. ^^and yet he's not. Weird.

  6. 4:54 Police in KCMO have never pulled over anyone who looked poor for expired plates. Its deemed too dangerous and most have warrants which would require taking them to jail. Even if they don't have warrants they will not show up to court to pay the ticket which is the only reason KCPD stops anyone. Just easier to look the other way and set up a speed trap in a wealthier area.

  7. 7:10am has an infantile mind and extremely limited brain capacity. Wish there was a way to block people here. I’m tired of his spam cluttering up the comments section.

  8. ^^ I wish we could block crybaby fucktards like you, but we either have of freedom of speech or we don't. Cry some more for me bitch. Your tears are so delicious! Fucking repubturd shitflake.

  9. ^^^LMAO the little pissant who posts 24/7 here is PISSED!!! I can just see the spittle spraying out of your tiny mouth as you scream in important rage. What is it they call you here? Chimpy? Hoo hoo ha ha!!!!!! 😂🤡😂

  10. That should be impotent, not important, LOL

  11. 4:44, I'm not.

    Therefore, you are wrong.



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