Kansas City COVID Year One Week In Review

Our 2nd favorite Kansas City chat show returns with an overview of local events and metro debate.

The public TV discussion mostly serves to influence the progressive cowtown middle-class but it's a nice review of the politic answer your boss/grandpa might offer on any given local topic.

Check the description . . .

"Nick Haines, Cat Reid, Steve Kraske, Eric Wesson and Dave Helling discuss the most significant surprises one year on from the start of pandemic lockdown, vaccine distribution in Kansas and Missouri, debate over vaccine requirements by employers, the evolving list of who's in and who's out in the race to fill Roy Blunt's U.S. Senate seat, the Waddell and Reed building and stimulus money projects."

Take a look . . .

You decide . . .


  1. Bring back RUCKUS!

  2. Better title: Nick talks to three men and a real journalist.

  3. Third "wave" incoming, New strains not affected by "vaccine"

    This will not end until you are totally subjugated or dead.

    1. Meh, it'll probably be fine if the tkc dirtbags are worried about it.

  4. The only people worried about it is the lying dirtbag faggot dimwits because they are afraid of a cold so.....

  5. 4:12 its not just a cold, you lying pervert...more Americans killed than were by World War Two. And Trump ADMITTED...ON TAPE LIKE AN ARROGANT FOOL...that he "downplayed" the virus. He should be in prison with other serial killers.

  6. ^^^ shut up blue anon conspiracy nut job.

  7. You know what else the cdc admitted too? They admitted that anybody that died that had covid was counted as a covid death even though the obvious death was from cancer, heart attacks, car wrecks, gun shots, suicides and on and on and on but hey, let’s keep the narrative alive amirite!

    Blue anon is calling and they want you to spread some more lies! Hahahahaha!

  8. 5:57 ww2 deaths 407,300

    The day Trump left office 400,022

    Close but no cigar! Debunked bitch!

  9. Mostly insider gossip and speculation by a bunch of filed "reporters" about a little gang of KCMO D-list celebrity wannabees.
    With Haines glorying in his self-importance and relevance.
    It's unlikely that viewers number in the five figures.
    Amateur night on the plains.

  10. BUT...BUT...BUT this show is too...WHITE. Isn't that right you cuck Mo Rage?


    The program where KC PBS (local PBS affiliate of the national liberal Democrat organization) invites a small clique of local liberal Democrat newsies to dominate their panel at least 3:1 every week.

    Look at the host and panel of 4 guests.

    I see 3 White males who reside in JOCO Kansas, and that's a majority. And that really tells you everything about KCPT and local media. It's dominated by politically liberal, non-KCMO residents, who see no contradiction in their personal choices versus their public talking-points. I'm saying that they are hypocrites.

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