Kansas City COVID Vaxx Walk-Ins Unwelcome

Here's a quick peek at pandemic protocol and cowtown etiquette amid the ongoing plague.

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Health officials: You need an appointment to get a COVID-19 vaccine

Some people who want the vaccine are showing up to get a dose without an appointment.Health officials advise against it. If you're wanting to get the COVID-19 vaccine in the Kansas City Metro, health departments are asking you to first fill out a vaccine information form, and then set up an appointment.They say to do all of this before showing up at a vaccination site."We're doing appointments only," said Andrew Warlen, Cass County health director.


  1. Doesn’t get any simpler than that, why are people in kc so stupid? The mayor and dr wrecks have things so mucked up they still haven’t got a plan or idea as to what to do. You’d think the city would announce how to get the shots by using this simple method provided by some people with a clue in clay county.

    Clay county is running like a well oiled machine, they have 25% of their people vaccinated already, kc has 10%.

    KC. IS.. DOOMED.

  2. I take it the boy blunder mayor’s elite group of covid experts and consultants haven’t come up with a plan to save us yet???

    Why is he so incompetent?

  3. Come to think of it, the boy blunder has 510 covid deaths and well over 350 murdered people under his belt in two years, damn, since he took over death reigns supreme here in killa kc!

    At this rate he will have over a thousand unnecessary and preventable deaths to add to his amazing list of accomplishments!

    Just the kind of person the dimwit party is looking for, he’s a Perfect fit!

  4. One has to register for a Covid-19 vaccine. Registering is NOT racist; it is prudent.

    However, one does not have to register to vote or sign a mail-in ballot. Registering to vote and vote in person is Racist.

    Marxist Democrat Party and its insane rules to retain power.

  5. KC/Jackson Co's failure on vaccines is pretty shocking. You only have to look at preparations, events, and rates to see the abject failure of all involved. In Clay Co, they had partnerships with their three largest hospitals and largest employer in place months ago, proactively solicited qualification and pre-registration info from their citizens. Platte Co and Johnson Co aren't fall behind in their success. Even WyCo's rates are better, but not by much.

    It's apparent that KC and Jax Co governments are great at grand proclamations and directing other's allowable activities, but horrible when it's their job to step up. Why shouldn't Dr. Archer be canned for this?


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