Kansas City COVID Survivors Share Stories

One of the very best examples of local community journalism we've seen this year offers an up close & personal glimpse at the pandemic and reminds viewers that there is no conspiracy and REAL PEOPLE, our neighbors, are coping with the consequences of the plague . . .

Take a look . . .

Nearly one year into pandemic, some local COVID-19 survivors still recovering, others thriving

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - We're nearing the one-year mark of the first COVID-19 cases spotted in Kansas and Missouri. For many, coronavirus is a quick illness. But for others, the disease has permanently changed their lives. June Call is 54, a preschool teacher from Grain Valley.


  1. is this a feel good story?

  2. It doesn't really look like it feels that great.

  3. What’s important to know now is they are finding out if your BMI is over 30 the vaccine is less than fifty percent effective, the grossly over weight inner city peeps need to go on a diet before they can get the shot or it’s wasted on them.

  4. Upon finding out I had Covid, Most people ask the same question. "Is it as bad as they say it is ?" To that I always reply, " Not as bad as my dead Family Doctor that had it." The general population has no idea about simple shit. Covid to some is deadly, others no symptoms. They correlate getting the regular flu with a flu shot. They correlate not getting the flu with not getting a shot. Some near the end of their lives due to age have still not figured out to cover their mouths or wash their hands. To all the ignorant people that don't possess basic hygiene and have sneezed in my face. You would be the ones dumb enough to ask a person how bad it is or isn't. You and Cuomo have the same ignorance of spreading a pandemic. BTw- I stayed at home after someone sneezed in my face. Yes, it was bad. LOL An Pandemic Pointer # 2 and # 3, that is not six feet and I don't need anyone to walk up beside me and violate my personal space. If I wanted to be a siamese twin, I would have been born that way.

  5. BMI over 30? That is 95% of the hood rats that are ducking the vaxx anyway. Systemic racism strikes again.

  6. The Covid survivors will soon be filing PTSD claims with the Federal Gov't.


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