Kansas City COVID Lockdown Redux?!?

This isn't a pandemic prediction, we just hope to share a few headlines that offer an alternative perspective on the "progress" in the fight against the ongoing plague.

Also in the top photo, that's German Chancellor Angela Merkel extending a healing hand over the mostly complaint people of her nation.

And all of that brings us to this tragic fact of life that we hope isn't foreshadowing . . .

'New pandemic' in Germany caused by virus variant prompts lockdown through Easter

Per ushe, the Germans thought they were winning, overextended themselves, and then reality quickly turned against them.

On the bright side, here in Kansas City the vaxx game seems to be going well . . .

Up-Down arcade bar incentivizes vaccinations with free gaming tokens

However, there's trouble on the horizon as "the chin mask" dominates the local fashion scene.

Kansas City doctors 'definitely concerned' about post-spring break surge in COVID cases

'It just looked dangerous': Doctors warn of concerning COVID-19 behavior as weather warms up in KC

Developing . . .


  1. Americans won't lock down again. Not going to happen.

    1. ^^^

      That's what they said the first time.

  2. Obviously we need lockdowns because of that massive superspreader event that happened in Florida after the Super Bowl!

    Oh wait. There wasn't one, and lockdowns accomplish nothing but suicide, ruined economies, and misery.

  3. Once you give up a freedom, you do not get it back.

    Politicians now have the power to declare emergencies for years at a time to take away your right to free travel, assembly, protest, make your own medical choices, leave your house with out a diaper on your face.

    3rd/fourth whatever wave incoming.

    Hmmm, wonder why the msm never reports on Sweden that never imposed lockdowns or masks...

  4. The last time a German raised a hand like that things went so well

  5. The news said the Pfizer vaccine is handling all the variants well. What the hell are they shooting people up with in Germany?

  6. The progressive fascists in Germany never went away, just paused the continuation of the third Reich until the time was ripe. Same with the socialist progressives over here who looked upon the Nazi's with fervor usually saved for revivals. They firmly embedded themselves in the so-called Demoncrat party and exercised a power grab not seen since the night of long knives.

  7. Yiddish revenge.
    All of the "vaccine" vials used thus far in Germany were filled with sterile water.
    Revenge for the Holocaust.

  8. Lucas is orgasming right now thinking about more lockdowns and killing off more small businesses.

  9. If I hear from another self appointed "expert", I'm gonna barf.

  10. Sig Heil Herr Angela!


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