Kansas City COVID Housing Crisis Continues: Local Listings Drop By Nearly Half

American scarcity post-COVID persists as the housing market shrinks and prices suffer INFLATION with many home buyers once again priced out of the market. 

Real talk . . . Most local weekend real estate hype is mostly just a pay-for-play sales pitch. As this report indicates a -46.6 percent decline in Kansas City, MO home listings at the outset of selling season.

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Signs of trouble emerge for spring housing market as listings keep falling

Photo: James Bombales The cold snap that swept the central United States in February caused listings to plunge in tandem with the thermometer. Realtor.com's latest report suggests that housing inventory in the country's 50 largest metropolitan areas declined by 48.6 percent compared to the same month last year, equating to 496,000 fewer properties on the market.


  1. Bad news for buyers, great news for sellers looking to cash in.

    as long as those sellers are downsizing or dead and don't need a new place to live. Then things will get tough.

  2. Treasury bond yeilds are spiking, So interest rates across the board will follow. Higher rates = less people buying homes. They home real estate market has peaked. The commercial and mall propertys are crashing and buring, can be bought for 10cents on the dollar!

    Real estate is dead, buy Swiss francs!

  3. If you are renting wait. You may pay higher interest rates but you will buy cheaper and at least you won't be under water like in 2009.

  4. this walks and quacks like a bubble, imho.

  5. 312 is right, great time to sell but the transition to somewhere else to live is problematic.

  6. Just cause your a fake bleach blonde, had a boob job and are willing to have sex in a bathroom with a customer - that doesn't mean your a good real estate agent.

  7. Raise the interest rates and give it a year. Problem solved.


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