Kansas City COVID Hobo Experience Redux

A local magazine show is ALMOST worth a look and might provide a worthwhile early morning distraction for our blog community given that NOBODY else is watching it.

Description . . .

"This month's edition of Kansas City Experience features a report on efforts to assist Kansas City's unhoused and how to address broader solutions to homelessness, a look at the forgotten American history of BBQ, a profile of a local makeup special effects artist, a demonstration of how to make a favorite Brazilian delicacy and a virtual 90.9 The Bridge session with Jealous of the Birds."

Take a look . . .

Developing . . .


  1. Wait what? Did that black guy try to take credit for BBQ? BBQ was developed by several different people and cultures and black people had NOTHING to do with BBQ. NOTHING!!!!!!!

  2. ^^and yet they did. Sorry. Not sorry. Do better.

  3. BBQ was started by the white caveman so....

    Wanna know why there were no black cavemen? First they couldn’t start a fire and the gubmint wasn’t around to do everything for them amirite!

    Blacks can’t create anything other than violence and murder, it’s the only thing they have perfected other than getting free everything from the gubmint that is.

  4. ^^and yet civilization was started on the African continent. Who knew? So weird.

  5. 8:39, wrong again Chimpy. The first civilizations were in what is now eastern Turkey and in what is now Iraq. Neither is in Africa. Both were going strong long before what became the Egyptians started to coalesce along the Nile.

    Back to the Monkeypedia!

  6. ^^Umm fucktard, stop lying.

    According to existing archaeological and fossil evidence, however, the Cradle of Humankind (originally known as Cradle of Mankind) is the Afar Triangle in East Africa, which is often referred to as the Cradle of Humanity.



    I mean that's only National Geographic and the fucking Smithsonian, but what do they know right liar?

    Typical geriatric racist fucktard. Can't stand on the truth, sell the lie. Shinebox. You can get it now!

  7. Oh snap!!! The lying loser @10:56AM just got his racist, ignorant, skull crushed by 11:30AM . TKC CHUDS are the biggest liars and morons in the city. Thank God they only congregate here and not out in the real world!

  8. Ha! Chimpy lover just got busted lying and being a moron! Old people...such liars and dummies!

  9. Why are old people such liars?

  10. When you become old, will you automatically become a liar?

    Why are young people so stupid?

    They're young.

    The alternative to becoming old is dying young.


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