Kansas City COVID Comeback Week Redux

Right now locals are seeing light at the end of the tunnel and hoping for a return to normal despite looming fear of variants. 

Accordingly, local newsmakers share a round table discussion regarding this week in local public affairs. 

Description . . .

"Nick Haines, Lisa Rodriguez, Micheal Mahoney, Pete Mundo and Eric Wesson discuss Eric Greitens entering the U.S. Senate race in Missouri and the GOP's reaction, the potential ambassadorship for Claire McCaskill, the expansion of vaccine eligibility, schools considering vaccine requirements, addressing homelessness in KCMO, seeking solutions to the homicide epidemic and a progress report on KCI."

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  1. KC isn't coming back any time soon.

  2. chuck 11/30/20, 10:09 AM

    The hearings yesterday in Pa. were the precursor to the "Kraken" coda, midnight lawsuit from Sidney Powell that will be remembered as a watershed moment, appropriately timed, in the dark of night, which will awaken even more citizens to the Vichy traitors in our country and foreign governments who usurped the will of the electorate in the most egregious sin against the American people, since the Gulf Of Tonkin Resolution.

    The expected stock responses, hue and cry from the pitiless dominion of morons in the 4th Estate will continue, but the worm will turn. The phony demand for "evidence" will escalate in the face of voluminous amounts of same, that will be ignored. More and more average every day Americans will be, assuaged and assured that indeed, there IS evidence of election fraud incontrovertible, irrevocable and categorical but, the gas lighting, wailing and gnashing of teeth will continue, from the traitors and criminals who seek cover in lies, deception and legerdemain. The truth will out and Americans will see, that they were euchred out of their votes. Progressive, presdigitational slight of hand BS will fall short and the outcome, is somewhat predictable.

    If Biden survives to Jan 20th, he will ascend to the presidency, ironically, with the approval of our sworn enemy, China, yet, not with the "Mandate Of Heaven". Never has a more empty suit, gutted and spit on the pike of public opprobrium ever been seated in the Oval Office. The DNC is not populated with idiots and behind the scenes, DEMOCRATS will manipulate the media to incite the impeachment of the president they just put into office (The Hunter Biden Laptop is IN PLAY!). While gravely shaking their collective heads at the unfairness of the entire episode and blaming it on right wing conspiracies, they will force Joe into retirement (Health reasons, no doubt.) with the threat of Impeachment (You can keep your ill gotten Chinese and world wide "pay for play" money Joe".). Then with 3 1/2 years to apotheosize Kamal Harris and rehabilitate the Democrat Party's reputation (Americans have short memories.) they will "Sergeant Shultz" the hell out of the situation and return to calling us all racists in hopes of victory in 2024.

    If Trump should somehow overcome this plot, then, cities will burn at the behest of the heretofore mentioned forces, allied against the American people (The 4th Estate, the Deep State, the DNC/BLM/AntiFa triumvirate.).

    Prepare for the worst and hope for the best, but, I think, at this point, the American Ship Of State is damaged below the water line and listing hard to starboard.



  4. Chuck wants conflict.

    Nobody cares.

  5. Chucky is like one of those know it all's who everyone hates and works as a dairy manager in a crappy grocery store.

  6. Only chimpy hates the great and powerful Chuck, chimpy hates everybody because his momma beats him because he’s so stupid she’s trying to knock some sense into him, but alas, it won’t work, chimpy too stupid, chimpy can barely pick fleas, chimpy get small bananas not the good ones because he sticks them up his chimpy ass and the he eats them, chimpy is the stupidest little monkey around! Lmao!

  7. "Prepare for the worst and hope for the best, but, I think, at this point, the American Ship Of State is damaged below the water line and listing hard to starboard."

    Nothing has changed and, in fact, it is far worse than even I ever imagined. Joe will NOT finish his term and could keel over at any day. His presence at this point, is explained by his complete compliance with the wishes of his totalitarian, Fascist/D卐M☭CRAT overlord committee, which, I expect, is run behind the scenes by Susan Rice. The mediocre beadles in charge of our Federal Government now are literally unqualified to make decisions on oven temperatures in a pizza place after years on the job.

    Think about the job, where YOU work and imagine Joe Biden, or any of the cadre of commies he answers to, assisting you in your efforts on a day to day basis.

    Joe Biden - Probably sweeping the floor, but maybe an ineffectual sales guy whose numbers constantly leave him in danger of returning to the broom.

    Susan Rice - "Take this deposit to the bank".

    Sheila Jackson Lee - Janitorial

    Adam Schiff - In jail for embezzling funds, the greatest liar in the history of public office.

    Eric Swallowell - Fired for divulging company secrets to the competition.

    Nancy Pelosi - Causes a lot of trouble, but still has a job in the office shuffling invoices.

    Chuck Schumer - Terrible in sales, but with no real talent, is let go, now has a job making Matzah Ball soup in a Jewish Deli.

    Robert Mueller, Chris Wray, Andrew Wiseman etc. etc. -Very dangerous members of a Russian or Italian Mafia type organization who used to work in the warehouse. These guys will kill you for fun, or, for stepping on their Jordans.

    Here is an article, which really sums up, where we are, as our so called Government relates to us.


    The people in power, in Washington D.C. are completely, totally, metaphysically corrupt and the real question is, why the fuck, does ANY American from ANY political persuasion, or party, think this is ok?

  8. Make no mistake about it, bet your life on it, your kid's eyesight, the election was stolen and it was effected in several different ways. Outrageous voter fraud on a yuge scale, BIG TECH illegal donations "in kind", intimidation, Deep State manipultion and of course, the Radix Malorum of evil, the 4th estate's cooperation in spreading the lie that there was, Sergeant Schultz, nothing to see here.

    We are now, "Domestic Terrorists" for NOT voting for Fascist fucks like the Biden Crime Family. We are spied on and our 4th Amendment rights are GONE.


    The 2020 election fraud is undeniable, irrefutable and an "in your face" example of just how corrupt the scumbag FBI and DOJ, in conjunction with the entirety of our Federal Government really is.


    Joe Biden is on death's door and the ascendance of Kamala Harris to the Fascist Throne in the Oval Office will accelerate the jack booted control over every single American under the Uni-Party puke/parasites who are ruining this once great nation and bleeding us dry.

  9. There was no voter fraud.

    There is no Deep State.

    Biden is not a fascist.

    The country is not being ruined.

    1. Biden's 2 Aneurysms3/27/21, 1:37 PM

      Another lying leftist.

      https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/north-carolina/articles/2021-03-19/nc-federal-attorneys-24-more-charged-in-voter-fraud-probe - there's so many cases it would fill up the page.

      Huffpo and NYTimes confirm the deep state.
      https://www.huffpost.com/entry/the-deep-state_b_58c94a64e4b01d0d473bcfa3 "The Deep State Is A Very Real Thing"

      https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/26/opinion/sunday/trump-civil-service-deep-state.html & https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/02/opinion/trump-fauci-deep-state.html - so are these fake news?

      Biden declaring his presidency is a dictatorship - "“No, well, I’ve got to get the votes,” Biden responded. “I got to get the votes. That’s why — you know, the one thing that I — I have this strange notion. We are a democracy. Some of my Republican friends and some of my Democratic friends even occasionally say, ‘Well, if you can’t get the votes by executive order, you’re going to do something.’ Things you can’t do by executive order unless you’re a dictator. We’re a democracy. We need consensus.”

      Stephanopoulos then cut to a commercial break, saying, “We’ve got to take a quick break. We’ll be right back.”" - the 'fact checks' about this are patently absurd in their false logic trying to paper over the clear admission Biden knows he's a dictator. A RACIST BIGOT sexual abuser - according to Harris.

      Biden is also pushing "new deals"- a direct harkening to FDR who was an admitted fascist. He praised Mussolini, created concentration camps, confiscated gold from every American by executive order then inflated the price after stealing it and he sent his agents to study from and work with Mussolini. https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2013/7/19/1225012/-FDR-s-Endorsement-of-Benito-Mussolini-Is-Stunningly-Tone-Deaf-and-Troubling

      Your last lie is trying to obfuscate the mass rape occurring with the influx of illegal aliens. 80% of women and children are raped crossing the cartel controlled border. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/central-america-migrants-rape_n_5806972

      You have no capacity for shame. That's one of the major traits of psychopathy.

      No empathy for or desire to reduce *CHILDREN BEING RAPED*

    2. Look at what you've wrought


      Why vet caregivers for children anymore? The problem the Dems created overwhelmed the system to do background checks. So might as well just give these kids away anyway.

      Or they could be at home with their parents.

  10. Oh blieron, do you really believe the lies you spew? Any normal person sees the truth but you and chimpy. Sad.

  11. Which country do we hate enough to send Claire McCaskill there as an ambassador? Myanmar maybe? Algeria?

  12. The Biden/Harris administration is going to propose the United States of America change its name to North Mexico. American taxpayers are tired of paying for illegal immigrants and others who don't want to work for a living, for higher energy prices, and for Libtard socialist programs.

  13. 8:59 It's like you are Judy Garland and think you can click the heels together on your Ruby Slippers and go home to Kansas.

    The conversations we have her on TKC and I see in so many other places, are so superficial. What are the facts?

    Did the FBI, on orders from the Wallahs on the 7th floor, initiate, with NO predicate, an investigation into the Trump campaign in order to damage the Trump campaign. YES. The "investigation" was initiated, concocted, with made up, out of whole cloth, ex nihilo lies that lubricated the gears of a machine put in place by the DNC, at the behest of the Clintons, which, funneled money through Perkins Coie law firm, into the grubby little paws of operatives in Fusion GPS, Glen Simpson, Nellie and Bruce Ohr, which was used to obtain illegal FISA warrants to spy on Carter Page, which in turn, gave the FBI a look at hundreds of Trump campaign employees, where, the slimy bastards hoped to uncover ANYTHING in which they could hurt, that same Trump campaign, or, better Trump himself.

    This was pre meditated, criminality with Mens rae intent, committed by Federal officials, who will never be held respnosible.

    Again - read this article to get up to speed.


    There is no rule of law.


    these are evil people who get up out of bed everyday, in hopes of destroying you, the new "Domestic Terrorist" now in the crosshairs of the Totalitarians in Washington DC.

    They are not only, going to suspend, as they have done, Habeas Corpus, NO BAIL FOR YOU WHITEY, they are now maneuvering to place you on a "NO FLY" list for not voting Progressive.


    This fuckin shit, is happening right fuckin now.

    1. chucklowe that election screed of yours about your hero of the moment, Sidney Powell, was obviously posted to make you look stupid, which it did.

      And so you decide to double down on it so you can...look stupider, then?

  14. With Jackson county opening up in two weeks I bet lickass and wrecks are shitting their pants, they still want the whole city shut down, like their puppet masters the dimwit party wanted, is it 2022 yet! Hahahahaha!

  15. The Demoncraps know they are immune from any punishment because of the Swamp, the Fourth Estate and Big Tech. Look at Andrew Cuomo, Eric Swalwell, Ralph Northam, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, James Clapper, and John Brennan and what they do to people and the country without any kind of repercussions or punishment.

  16. 9:52 Meanwhile, they make bail for BLM/AntiFa terrorists who burn down cities, neighborhoods, loot and assault -


    While whitey is held without bail, for trespassing and breaking and entering.

    Fuck Washington D.C.

  17. Just as in Red China (Joe's BFF forever), where citizens are now extradited to Peking for trial for political "wrong think", here in the U.S. people, even here in the midwest, are extradited to Washington D.C. for trial for political sins committed against the REGIME.

    There are over 100 people held without bail, right now, for just waling in through the doors of the Capital while the police looked on and smiled at them. They literally walked through ropes and stayed in line, then took pictures with the cops.

    They are in Jail.

  18. The Biden Harris campaign went on TV again and again and again seeking donations to these anarchists.


  19. Remember Woodward and Berstien's constant refrain for literally years, along with the rest of the lying media - "THIS IS WORSE THAN WATERGATE".

    The criminality, proven beyond ANY doubt, of the Deep State/FBI/DOJ/DNC/BIG TECH makes Watergate look like someone got their yard teepeed.

    Nothing will happen. The Fascists in Washington DC are in complete control and they are coming for you.

  20. ^^^ your the one that constantly looks stupid with your left wing nut job conspiracy theories and outlandish lies, why are you so stupid???

  21. With Jackson county finally lifting the dimwit mandated shutdown it appears the greatest hoax of the 21st century is coming to a close.

    Even the despicable dimwit party is tired of their own lies.

  22. I see 400,000 lives could have been saved with responsible, proactive leadership in 2020.

    Oh, yes, they all died of a hoax. Of course. I forgot.

  23. 12:28 Of course you’re dumbass is distorting the truth, it’s what brain dead dimwit followers do amirite! Jesus Christ you people are stupid, how do you manage to get through the day with no brains?

    Your narrative forgot to include joe bidumbs numbers I see, its all about TDS with psychopaths like you. You nevar gave a fuck about those people, just blaming Trump is all that matters. The sad part is we will nevar know how many people actually died from covid since they counted every death from cancer, heart attacks, shooting victims and a host of other things they actually died from but let’s include them too because they had covid even though that didn’t kill them.

    We will nevar know because corporate hospitals got paid big money for reporting covid deaths and nobody will investigate them because of their ties to politicians, see coumo as your first example.

    1. Your narrative forgot working in a hospital and watching people suffer and die from your hoax.

      That part of your resume of stupidity?

  24. I wonder if those shooting victims in Atlanta were counted as covid deaths, nothing surprises me anymore.


    What's this, Mahoney and Mundo on the same panel again? Is KCPT actually attempting to present both sides of political topics, instead of just force-feeding the audience a Liberal dose of lopsided Democrat drivel?

    Yet, of the 5 people speaking (1 host + 4 panelists) I still see 3 individuals pushing the liberal agenda, and that's a majority.

    Remember that you don't necessarily have to indoctrinate using a heavy-handed approach, but as long as you control the narrative (host), you exert great influence upon the audience. Now, please allow me to give an example of the "Liberal spin" being employed by KCPT and their mouthpieces:

    Program host Nick Haines -- from 1:09 to 1:22 he introduced the Greitens episode, highlighting negatives, while the Eric Schmitt announcement was brief and straightforward. Haines then began the panel discussion by prefacing "some people may discount his candidacy." Later, "Greitens has the audacity to even get into this race" followed by a listing of unproven accusations from a time before Greitens had entered politics, including "blindfolded, restrained, sexually assaulted, etc." Haines is NOT practicing professional journalism here, he's purposely smearing a political opponent.

    Now in contrast, let's go to the 6:51 mark, and hear Haines tout Claire McCaskill for an ambassadorship since she's apparently not interested in returning to the Senate. "The New York Times reports McCaskill is on Biden's short-list for a plum overseas diplomatic post." Notice that Haines spent NO time reviewing salacious allegations from McCaskill's past (previous husband's drug abuse and death outside a KCKS drug-house, current husband's physical abuse of his former wife, children's drug use, graft of government contracts, non-payment of taxes, campaign contributions diverted for personal use, etc.) If you're going to slander a Republican, shouldn't you also slander a Democrat?

    KCUR's Lisa Rodriguez -- Lisa is happy to take Nick's yellow journalism cues and run with it, expounding on the unproven sexual allegations against Greitens. Still suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, she makes sure to mention that "even Trump was plagued by allegations of sexual abuse." Absolutely NO mention whatsoever of sexual abuse allegations against Joe Biden, son Hunter, or any Democrat. THIS IS PERSONAL BIAS AND DISCRIMINATION FROM LISA RODRIGUEZ (who claims to be a journalist).

    The Call editor Eric Wesson -- a staunch Democrat, and unwittingly chained to a party that takes African-Americans for granted.
    The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research's compilation of voting data from previous presidential elections provides appropriate historical context. The Democratic candidate for president over the five presidential elections since 2000 has averaged 91% of the Black vote, with 8% on average going to the Republican candidate.


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