Kansas City Confronts Deadline To Save Iconic Buck O'Neil Bridge

Locals have 2 years to convince leaders to come up with a better plan that won't downsize one of the great American skylines.

Moreover, new construction also threatens historic buildings down by the river.

Sadly, this town has a horrible reputation when it comes to preservation so we advise locals not to hold their breath. 

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Buck O'Neil Bridge redesign construction to begin in 2021

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A joint-effort plan to replace The Buck O'Neil Bridge, formerly the Broadway Bridge, will be put into action by the end of 2021. The bridge, which has been a Kansas City, Missouri, icon since the 1950s, is more than 60 years old.


  1. Build the new Broadway Bridge and dynamite the decrepitude black guy bridge into history. The city does not need another "entertainment/tourist spot to support with tax money.

  2. The bridge will only have more maintenance cost , and we will only see and bridge that won't be painted

  3. ^^I can't imagine being boring enough to actually write a post about this. Congrats losers. You were.

  4. the entertainment venue bridge is a great idea and would become part of kansas city's branding as hip and fun.

  5. The flat bridge won't be memorable.

    The old bridge is an icon and should be saved somehow.

  6. Old shit is just old shit. If you try to renovate it it takes longer than it should and costs more money, that's a fact. Blow the old rusted out narrow bridge into oblivion and build it better with new materials and new construction processes. Quit trying to polish a pigs ear and put lipstick on it. Move on.

  7. Build a new bridge and be done with it. This town is neither hip nor fun.


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