Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Posts Baby Photo Tease For Celeb Feature

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To follow-up on our continued coverage . . .

Kansas City's first couple is teasing national celeb coverage of their upstart multimillionaire family.

Local media decided to help their case in the ongoing effort to sell AN UPCOMING FAMILY FULL FRONTAL CELEBRITY SPREAD that includes heartfelt confessional stories and an inside glimpse at how the young couple coped with one of the most embarrassing Super Bowl defeats in a decade.

Take a peek . . .

Proud dad: Patrick Mahomes posts photo celebrating daughter's first month

That looks like a proud dad!Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is celebrating his daughter turning 1-month-old by posting his first photo with the sweet little one. In the photo, Mahomes is sitting, cradling baby Sterling Skye in front of him.How adorable!Mahomes and fiancée Brittany Matthews previously posted a photo of baby Sterling's hand, announcing her birth, and Matthews posted a workout video that celebrated bringing Sterling into the world.


  1. Zero interest in this family. All the best to them but zero interest in them.

  2. And yet both cared enough to post about him. Weird.

  3. And yet he let's his daughter be a Bastard.


  4. He really puts on a show doesn't he? He's not the proud dad, he's a deadbeat dad.

  5. Why doesn’t he marry his child’s mother?

    1. Because he is already married to Travis Kelce.

  6. Can we wait until August for more football ?


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