Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Earns Newfound Flock Of Crypto Fanbois After Artsy NFT Charity Debut

Local news dutifully reported an artsy techie move over the weekend but we notice more interest in the Kansas City Chiefs baller on the cutting edge to digital artifacts bought and sold despite hard to determine value.

Check a quick hot take on the speculation and newfound support from speculators . . .

Bitcoin.com: A Variety of Popular Celebrities Are Selling NFT Collections and Raking in Millions

HypeBeast: Patrick Mahomes Drops NFT Artworks on MakersPlace

Coindesk: Quarterback Patrick Mahomes Joins Gronk in NFL Blitz of NFT Mania

Developing . . .


  1. Good for him. He rules, geezers drool.


  2. That's what they all do when they want attention. They give a few bucks and think that makes everything O.K. Fact is Hy-Vee can't even sell his cereal that's how bad Patty Puss is hated. Give your baby a name dead beat dad.

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    Who wants anything from a loser who won't even marry his kids mom.

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    A pic of the fornicating sluts.

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    that shit is a scam

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