Kansas City Chiefs Pre-COVID Super Bowl Glory Now Ranks Among Bad Trivia

Here's a quick reminder that even the greatest legends are quickly forgotten in the rapid-fire news cycle that's both cruel and kind to Americans who are killing their attention span via social media.

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Jeopardy! contestants drop the ball on Andy Reid question

by: Travis Meier Posted: / Updated: CULVER CITY, Calif. - Contestants were clueless last night on Jeopardy! when they were presented with a picture of one of Kansas City's most famous faces. "After 21 seasons as a head coach, in 2019, this Kansas City Chiefs leader finally got to enjoy the last game of the season," guest host Katie Couric read on the show.


  1. Nerds don’t do sports, this was obviously a cheap shot at sports in general and it’s apparent that they picked kc for a reason, clearly to remind the world that we really don’t exist to them.

  2. Oh, you know...he's that Guy. You know, the one who...oh, never mind.

  3. And for the win. Who is Wilford Brimley...


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