Kansas City Catholic Past Lives Explored

Local history of the faithful chronicled with, likely, more than a few notable omissions. 

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'Catholic Kansas City' reveals the life of past Catholics, impact of Faith on city - The Catholic Key

Megan Marley Ever wonder how the Faith came to the 'wild West' of Kansas City? Or who started your parish and what that was like? Or possibly why Kansas City is known as 'Crown Town'? "The effects of the Catholic Church in this city are like ripples in a pond, and it even affects people [...]


  1. Does the history go back as far as the French Jesuits who originally came to the area to evangelize the local Indians? Does it include St. Rose Philippine Duchesne who achieved to her dream as a religious sister at a Jesuit mission and school for the Potawatomi tribe in her old age? She was canonized by St. John Paul II and has a namesake parish on Rainbow Blvd. in Kansas.

  2. The catholic church is a collection of false manmade traditions. It cannot save you as a result. It claims Christ was a failure and so you must work your way to heaven by your own good works (not by Christ's grace)

    Do you know Mother Mary was a Jewish women, who had at least 6 other children, and never once heard the word "catholic or Pope" once in her life? The Roman Catholic church was not formed for 600 years after she died (by Roman Leader Constantine)!

    Mary is a dead and buried Jewish woman who never read the new testament - it had not been written while she was alive. She cant hear your prayers. Per Jesus, she is "sleeping" and awaiting the reserection and judgement day. Or do you want to call Christ a liar?

  3. ^^^^Everything he wrote is a lie. The Catholic Church teaches that there is no salvation without God’s grace and the singular sacrifice on Calvary. Pelagianism is condemned as a heresy. Mary was a consecrated virgin, was assumed into heaven, and personally knew the authors of the New Testament books, especially St. John who was entrusted to her care. She did not need to read the scriptures as she lived them. Jesus never said that Mary was sleeping, waiting for Judgement Day, as she was still alive when Christ ascended after his death on the cross.

    11:09 is the liar.

  4. ^^^^ Says the fiction writers that try to justify the Polytheism of the Catholics.

  5. ^^^^^If you don’t believe in the triune godhead then you are not even Christian, maybe a JW?

  6. I prefer the company of Catholics over Protestants.

    For one thing, Catholics tend to be a lot smarter.

  7. Protestants are all sub-educated by Rev. Cornpone Lickmypecker on Sundays and Wednesdays.
    Their ministers are self-appointed. When they rise to the highest level of stupidity, they call themselves "Bishop".


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