Kansas City Bridge Suez Canal Connection

Right now we quickly celebrate a local cultural phenomena and one version of poor photoshop going around this town. 

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Insider: The Suez Canal has reopened, but experts say you'll still have to wait 9 months for that couch to be delivered

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  1. Okay 6 days of a jammed up canal equals 9 months delivery delay. I don't doubt it but please explain the math on this as it begs logic on an approximate 1 day equals 1 month outcome.

  2. That's funny shit right there!

  3. Ports due east of the canal have been idle for a week. Now, there will be a huge bottleneck as ships wait for their turn to be unloaded.

    It's as if you don't really want to understand anything.

    Talking to Republicans is like talking to little children.

  4. Coordinating trucks with container chassis at port going to different railroads to different destinations. Taken out of sea containers put contents in domestic containers before railroading. Probably every container moving through US customs destinations. Has to unload at various cities and after being trucked and dropped at US customs container yards awaiting inspection of container matching manifest and release which is time consuming. Then trucks move them to customer warehouse and take empty container back and get rid of.chassis back at railyard. Customs clearance is the hold up can't touch the seal on container till the government inspects for contraband. Big snafu.

  5. PS Fuckhowser..I Am a Republican.


    When the ship's crew was questioned, they reported Captain Quinton Lucas had passed out in the wheelhouse, with the keys in the ignition, after returning from shore leave in Lawrence!!!

  7. is KC a custom port for those rail cars? man 9:16 you know a lot, hope you stick around, for when there is more developing on the acquisition of KC southern, e.g.

    as for that bridge, truly that must be the most indestructible bridge in town. find the architect or his descendants to help us out on the 12th street bridge and central ave viaducts

    seems like 1,000 years from now it will be just fine! no matter how many direct hits from heavy trucks


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