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Quick realization . . . Political enemies on this blog likely communicate and exchange hurtful messages with one another far more than they bother to share pleasantries with friends. 

Think about that for just a second. And then go back to typing something awful.

And then, check this brilliant note from one of the better writers in Kansas City on the topic of lost local friendships . . . Which are probably common amid the pandemic and so many hipsters cancelling each other in their spare time.

Check-it . . .

When a Friendship Fades ...

A year ago this week a friend of mine stopped texting me. And calling me. And reaching out. I was equally guilty of doing the same. There was no wicked fight or brouhaha that preceded it. It was just the polite conclusion of a 20-year camaraderie.


  1. Maybe they finally just got fed up with tolerating and catering to your oversized ego?

  2. The Friendship Fades article is a joke, right? What he describes happens to 98% of human beings. The other 2% are hermits who never had friends. I was hoping the article might go deeper philosophically and practically, like people get so busy with new stuff/crap in their lives that they need to quit contacting old friends, but there was no meat on the bones in the story to gnaw on.

  3. BINGO, So well said...Thank You!

  4. I have dropped all my "friends" who thought Trump won the election. If they are that easily mislead and fooled, then they would believe any lie or rumor about me. I dont want to be that close to a ticking land mine. Some people just are not too smart. Avoid them. MAGA? Wasn't America already great before Trump took office? Hasn't it been great compared to other countries for the last 220 years? Or are you going to slam the USA?


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