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Finance impacts EVERYONE as COVID has depleted funds that the Vatican and has the pope and his people begging for donations like everybody else.

And so, we're uncertain about this blog post decrying the disparity betwixt conservative cash vs. progressive poverty amongst the American Catholics.

Fact is, as more than a TRILLION BUCKS worth of stimulus is injected into the economy, counting money against inflation is mostly an act of faith nowadays.

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How wealth is dividing American Catholicism

It has been clear for several decades that American Catholics do not vote as a bloc in national elections. Indeed, they have been pretty well evenly divided in presidential races. But that division seems to be hardening, and as this...


  1. The goat fetish guy must be sleeping in today.

  2. I assume that you CHUDS will not be accepting your $1400 checks that reek of Venezuelan socialism.

  3. ^^^^Good one! But the stimulus plan is more along the lines of that socialist hellhole, Denmark, but don't tell the Trumpkins!

  4. The Catholic Church is the worlds largest health care provider.

  5. the catholic church wants your gold, diamonds, jewels, silver, cash, rare paintings, etc. please donation

  6. Can't @1:06 - already gave them to Trump's 2024 Campaign so he can continue the good fight to restore America and keep Putin from forclosing on his Hotels and Golf Courses.

  7. Why was Trump's slogan "MAGA"?

    American is and has been great since 1776. As evidenced by all the people who try to get into the USA illegally, risking life and paying up to $15,000 just to get across the USA/Mexican border.

    Seem like the USA is pretty desireable. I dont appreciate Trump bad mouthing my country!

    We are great!


    How? Please send Trump to a sanitarium so he can get the help he needs to get his sanity back and live like a normal sane person. Rudi can join him there too. Trump has lost his mind. Buy Greenland he proposed? Greenland?

  9. most tkc readers, being at least mid-levels elites, will not get a check, right?

    The income limits to get a full check are $75,000 for single filers and $150,000 for married joint filers.


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