Kansas City Biz Leaders Pen Cry For Help COVID Reopen Letter

Motivational hype offers a glimpse at local desperation among the working-class amid uncertainty and doubt in the Prez Biden recovery.

Read more of a story our blog community reported FIRST earlier this week . . .

KC businesses write open letter to Metro leaders on how to address pandemic in the weeks, months ahead

Kansas City area businesses are looking ahead on how to thrive amid the pandemic. Motivated to help businesses in KC, business owner Heath Wessling had an idea.


  1. If anyone hasn't noticed yet Fauci, the CDC, and WHO are really stirring up the trouble on COVID. Every time a city starts to reopen or things are looking better Fauci and his gang are spewing out scare tactics of that area being a hot spot for COVID. They are now saying Missouri is the worse place for outbreaks. Last week it was something different, we were the lowest. This isn't about COVID it's about control and business owners are being victimized.

    1. "This isn't about COVID it's about control and business owners are being victimized."

      Yes it's all about that...if you're fucking insane.

  2. Sorry, unless you offer an opportunity for woke virtue signaling, Mayor McDrinkerson doesn't give a shit! Besides, ol' peanut head is busy sleeping it off and will take up the City's business, sort of, when his hangover is better.

  3. How come they Only write about bars closing? Hmmmm?


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