Kansas City Bioethics Might Be About More Than Just Free BBQ Sauce

This town's most prolific scribe on the topic of faith and morals now considers medical ethics that only seem to apply to people with decent medical insurance. 

Meanwhile, most of us don't completely dismiss the fear of hobos who often rant about their overwhelming fear that they'll be put down at some of the more "budget conscious" hospitals.

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Grappling With Ethical Artificial Intelligence in Health Care

Without much media coverage, Congress late in December passed the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Act. It's designed to crank up A.I. work at various federal agencies and create a White House A.I. office and an advisory committee to keep track of all this.


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  2. Thank you for not allowing comments here on your blog this time on your article about the KC Black Archives of Mid-America.

    You rightly knew it would bring out the racists and ugly, ignorant haters that read your blog and they would have posted that racism.

    For once you showed good judgment.

    Kudos and thank you.

    Please keep it up. Do more of that. Your blog and our communities will be better for it.

  3. it reads like an excellent idea - the well to do, college educated people get a desk job that pays well all the while just tracking the movements of the poor - i'm afraid that is the direction things have been heading for quite a while.


    In this article, the phony faith-writer Bill Tammeus attempts to disguise his liberal lunacy under the heading of Health Care.

    The article is most certainly NOT about health care or really even artificial intelligence, but instead, about the same old things that Tammeus is always promoting: liberal politics, LGBT agenda, Republicans bad vs. Democrats good

    The 1st person Tammeus highlights at the CPB appears to be a transgender man.

    And of course, Tammeus absolutely must turn even a purported health care topic into a political game with quotes like these:

    "..under the new Biden administration “there will be a shift to respecting science,” but she cautions that “none of the people who believed in (former President Donald) Trump’s ideas are going away, either.”

    "there must be a broad representation of people to help make sure that when A.I. is used in health care it’s done fairly and equitably and doesn’t perpetuate a health care system with built-in biases against already marginalized people."

    "The project on which Pjecha, Jarrett and others are working — called “Building an A.I. Framework for Trust: Creating Paths for Justice in Healthcare” — has received a $178,000 grant from the Sunderland Foundation of Kansas City."

    "the context in which new A.I. technologies are emerging includes the heightened focus on systemic racism, police brutality and other societal issues. So, he says, it’s important that A.I. “not deepen the gulf affecting the marginalized or deepen their oppression."

    Flatland is KCPT's online magazine.
    KCPT (rebranded as KC PBS) = Liberal Democrat Socialist television agenda
    KCUR (an NPR affiliate) = Liberal Democrat Socialist radio agenda
    Bill Tammeus = Liberal white male LGBT anti-Christianity agenda

  5. ^No. TL/DR. Be concise or be gone.


    The Center for Practical Bioethics
    There are 9 staff members pictured, and not a single person of color to be found!

    Rather hypocritical when they write about the following topics:

    "inequitable access to treatment."

    "addressing ethics issues of sexuality and gender in church and society."

    "Her current work focuses on issues of justice raised by white mortality trends, related roles of early life adversity and whiteness, and deliberative democratic engagement as a tool for advancing health and social equity"

    The Center for Practical Bioethics: where Liberal whites, LGBT's, Jews, and atheists beg for grant money to push paperwork and lecture about the disadvantaged while accomplishing nothing Practical or Ethical with their careers.

  7. Caret-top at 11:14 is Too Little/Dumb as a Rock
    And reads every word of those posts, multiple times!

  8. ^^and yet you seem to really care if he did or didn't. You're a loser.


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