Kansas City Artsy Protester Exhibits Skillz

Quick glimpse at local cultural life that mostly involves efforts from the cowtown creative-class to #RESIST the status quo from the relative comfort of middle-class lives wherein the only danger is on cable TV news.

To be fair, lots of locals have complaints but few of them turn them into anything people might actually want to acknowledge as creative expression.

Check-it . . .

A Consummate Cultural Provocateur - KC STUDIO

In an era of political paranoia, propaganda and literal armed uprisings, never has it been so essential for the people to have an ally in the arts. And in Kansas City, the people are fortunate to have a champion in artist Don Wilkison.


  1. "...his artwork has been exhibited at the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute in Morrilton, Ark,..." HahahahahahaHahahahahaha

  2. ^While you have never done anything in your whole miserable life. He wins! Hahahahaha!

  3. 7:56 comment
    Caret-top boy is out today with his ADHD on full display.


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