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Because wayback hottie Pamela taught us that love for animals could lead to fascinating conversations with hotties . . . We share a glimpse at local stories in support of our furry, feathered, scaly & flippered friends.

Bunny Rescue: Hop To It!!!

Over 2,000 rabbits have been saved in KC thanks to The Missouri House Rabbit Society

A surge of rabbit adoptions happen near Easter, which is quickly approaching, and then they often get surrendered to organizations like the Missouri House Rabbit Society Robin Rysavy established The Missouri House Rabbit Society in 1994 after a veterinarian had given her pet rabbit amoxicillin, a drug that kills rabbits by sterilizing the gut.

Animal Rights Not A Croc

Carcass of alligator discovered in Sumner County, Kansas

SUMNER COUNTY, KS (KCTV) -- Game wardens for the Kansas Wildlife, Parks & Tourism department said the carcass of an American Alligator was found in Sumner County, KS recently. It was found by an employee from the Kansas Department of Transportation while they were working near the Ninnescah River.

Fishy Sustainability?!?!

Kansas City's Green Acres Fish Farm Offers Hope And Healthy Food To Families In Need

It doesn't take long to realize Bill Coe is passionate about what he does in the greenhouse at East High School. Coe is director and CEO of Green Acres Urban Farm and Research Project, which is surrounded by some of Kansas City's most disadvantaged neighborhoods. Around here, fast food is more common than salad bars.

Developing . . .


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