Friday, March 12, 2021

Kansas City Alternative Music Fans Cerebrate Sonic Spectrum Redux

A quick interlude in the midst of so much bad news, recently we stumbled upon a great write-up regarding a quality local media offering that locals know and love.

The hipsters are often snobby about their faves but the report from KC Studio offers a really nice overview of Robert Moore's career that everyone can enjoy.

Normally, we'd link this with comments off but we're working/thinking about a new system and we're offering this post as a test . . . We'd love to share more fun stuff but the responses are usually so soul crushingly silly that we don't bother.

And so, here's a great local music item that's worth a read . . .

'I Can't Describe How Lucky I Feel' - KC STUDIO

He likes to call it his "little music show." Even so, Robert Moore's "Sonic Spectrum," a show as admirably accessible to the masses as it remains intensely personal to its creator/host, has spanned more than 19 years at three successive Kansas City radio stations, including the show's latest incarnation from 6 to 8 p.m.


Anonymous said...

Great show but it's newest time slot over laps the Retro Cocktail Hour at 7pm, bummer.

pom. said...

So so happy to have Robert Moore back on the air! I love how he calls himself a "docent." That feels accurate to me. Appreciate him for it.