Kansas City Alternative Music Fans Cerebrate Sonic Spectrum Redux

A quick interlude in the midst of so much bad news, recently we stumbled upon a great write-up regarding a quality local media offering that locals know and love.

The hipsters are often snobby about their faves but the report from KC Studio offers a really nice overview of Robert Moore's career that everyone can enjoy.

Normally, we'd link this with comments off but we're working/thinking about a new system and we're offering this post as a test . . . We'd love to share more fun stuff but the responses are usually so soul crushingly silly that we don't bother.

And so, here's a great local music item that's worth a read . . .

'I Can't Describe How Lucky I Feel' - KC STUDIO

He likes to call it his "little music show." Even so, Robert Moore's "Sonic Spectrum," a show as admirably accessible to the masses as it remains intensely personal to its creator/host, has spanned more than 19 years at three successive Kansas City radio stations, including the show's latest incarnation from 6 to 8 p.m.


  1. Great show but it's newest time slot over laps the Retro Cocktail Hour at 7pm, bummer.

  2. So so happy to have Robert Moore back on the air! I love how he calls himself a "docent." That feels accurate to me. Appreciate him for it.


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