Kansas City Against AAPI Hate Redux

More coverage that's worth a look as this NEXTGEN rally was probably the biggest in the Midwest.

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Metro residents rally against Asian hate at Cafe Ca Phe in West Bottoms

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Hundreds filled the area outside of Cafe Ca Phe to remember the victims of the Atlanta mass shooting and to rally against discrimination. This is the second area rally in as many days. Saturday dozens rallied in Overland Park, Kansas.


  1. Must have been a huge lack of anything better to do this weekend.

  2. Some of the mass shooting victims were white. Where's that rally?

  3. ^^Give it a rest, asshole.

    1. Asshole? Why? Some of those victims were white, despite the bogus hate crime narrative you push.

      You're a racist asshole.

  4. Hey Byron, did you know that the study the liberal media is lauding of the 150% increase in Asian American hate crimes stated the fact that in 2019 there were 49 instances and in 2020 there were 122? Out of a country of 330 million that's not even a drop in the bucket. But you will still act the fool and toe the stupid lib party line. Good luck with that.

    Most of those instances were committed by blacks on Asians and yet you're for reparations. What a simp you are.

  5. It seems as though the shooter had some sexual demons and was targeting handjob joints, and in his locale (as in many) they are staffed with asian women. You don't hear much about that angle... except from the FBI who have stated they have found no evidence of a racist motive. Perhaps the rally would have been better focused on "handjob hunny" hate.

  6. Hey! Where da black peoples at! Dey don’t be none down there! Hahahahaha!

  7. Where the hell is any Asian hate? All the news reports talk about a surge in Asian hate-crimes, but they never cite any stats or incidents (The massage parlor was probably not a hate crime . . . it was a perv crime).

    It seems that the libs want to classify things like saying "kung flu" as a hate crime . . . which I guess makes sense since they're also triggered by Dr. Seuss, Pepe Le Pew, Speedy Gonzales, Dumbo, and Peter Pan.

    You'd think they'd like Peter Pan . . . he always seemed like a bit of a tranny.

  8. Hunter Bidet3/29/21, 12:59 PM

    Black construct to try to align Asians with BLM bullshit. Won't work.

    BTW, did you hear? Byron's movin' to KC in order for his bullshit to mean somethin' here, since nobody gives a shit 'bout him anywhere else.

  9. ^^It's 70 degrees outside today paw-paw. Go outside. Do something else.

  10. They're prepping us for the expansion of the communist Chinese war of imperialism that is ramping up.

  11. Me love u long time and fluffy your pillow?

  12. @1:53 Your paw-paw is coming over again tonight without his teeth again. Good times for you!

  13. The Democrats are trying to expand their racial grievance coalition to include Asian as well as blacks and Hispanics. It is a crass and cynical attempt to make Asians feel frightened of their generous hosts. The Democrats will not be satisfied until they have completely rent the social fabric and brought about open warfare. They are almost there already.


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