Kansas City 2021 Homicide Murder Count Stands At 28: New Office Of Community Engagement Might Help Stop Killing

The local quotient of killing is basically unchanged.

On the bright side, a new office established by a councilman offers some semblance of a plan. Meanwhile, our suburban neighbors gloat over the slaughter and the Mayor's office continues to ignore the problem by way of motivational tweets or posting hopeful sunset pix.

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Kansas City leaders urge engagement after fender bender ends in triple shooting

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Community leaders said they're taking charge after another deadly shooting in Kansas City, Missouri on March 6. It happened on the 5000 block of Agnes Avenue where multiple shots were fired. Police said an argument over a fender bender resulted in the triple shooting where two men died.


  1. The only thing that will slow the killings is police presence and stop letting the bastards off after they have been arrested. These people don't live crime free lives aside from murder. When you get them on something else you prosecute them.

  2. "He believes the newly-passed Office of Citizen Engagement will help get to the problem before a shooting happens".
    What a fucking joke. Another black grifter group sucking down taxpayers money and having nothing to show for it.
    Praise the Lord, pass the ammo and vote for the e tax.
    Same old shit.

  3. yet another opportunity for our feckless mayor to ignore black on black crime.

    Lucas is going for another record!

  4. Mayor McDrinkerson's latest complete waste of time and resources pursuing wokeness while the streets run red with blood.

  5. "Kansas City leaders seek engagement after double murder"

    Seen this headline probably 5,000 times the last 50 years.

    Same old shit year after year of murders,

    blame whitey,
    baby momma with eight kids with eight daddies crying on t.v.,
    news media shows picture of gangbanger when he was ten years old,
    release balloons,
    some loudmouth preacher saying things need to change while fleecing his congregation.

  6. Best career path for young blacks: Become a funeral director!!!!

    Also, own a balloon & candle business on the side.

  7. Immigrants of color from India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Mexico, South Korea, Iran, China, Nigeria etc. have all become successful, productive American citizens within one or two generations via hard work and stressing education for their children.

    African Americans have had several centuries to become productive citizens but their culture supports violence, victimhood, and murder instead of education and hard work.

    They have been given every advantage via Affirmative Action, EEOC, Federal Hate Crime Laws, Federal Gov't preferred hiring, preferred promotions, Section 8 housing, free I-Phones, taxpayer funded scholarships, and they still fail.

    Don't feel sorry for them as it is on them and their culture.

  8. So it seems we have a negro problem, not a murder problem.

  9. Fat Ass Ghetto Trash Nigger Ho with 8 Kids by 6 Babydaddies3/8/21, 10:49 AM

    Shut yo face cracka! I hav my babydaddys bust a cap in yo ass!


  10. New office of community engagement????? And the article said NOTHING. What you need is a mayor with a backbone who is not racist, more police and a prosecuting attorney and judges that will punish crime. If you don't get these things then you have no hope. Put a stop to BLM and ANTIFA and start telling these murderous terrorists that we aren't going to take it anymore. Use force for once and stop patting these people on the butt.

  11. The office of citizen engagement will be authorized only 10 Escalades due to budget restraints..

  12. It's funny the same people who summarily dismiss the notion that violent rap lyrics and videos contribute to the culture of violence in many black communities, are the same ones who accept with the question the lawyers' claims that Trump controlled the minds of the dim wits who raided the Capitol.

  13. I see a lot of ribs, weave, and an Escalade in some lucky 'community leader's future!

  14. Lets see... How can we benefit from the increased murders... I know, lets create another commission with zero accountability.
    The only thing that will come out of this new organization is the increase in the sale of Churches Fried Chicken.

  15. Ellington..."I am sure the murder count will decrease as soon as we provide increased opportunities to those folks who are murdering"
    This is the ultimate con from city hall.
    In other words, Reparations...


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