Kansas Capitol Riot Suspect 'Asked Permission' Before Insurrection Raid

Quick peek at polite Midwestern ALLEGED sedition.

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FBI: Kansas man at Capitol riot says officer shrugged when asked if he could go inside building

Court records say a Kansas man arrested in the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol told the FBI that an officer shrugged his shoulders when he asked whether he could join the throngs streaming into the building. Mark Roger Rebegila, of St.


  1. Wait, what? This won't do at all! It was supposed to be a full blown insurrection and everything! Even though no one brought guns like you maybe would for a government takeover. We've got a narrative to preserve, otherwise how can President Applesauce keep using the National Guard as personal security! Get with it kmbc!

  2. In spite of (((journalists))) and the msm the truth often comes out, usually too late to make difference in countering the initial lies.

  3. Too true, I had to read the headline twice. I'm sure KMBC will 'correct' the message before long.

  4. Lets remember that on that day Pelosi's AMERICA killed AMERICANS for exercising their rights like a democrat.

  5. ^^No. she killed enemy combatants in their failed coup attempt. There fixed it for you CHUD. Death to al seditious, MAGAT, cop-murdering, Trumpkins.

    1. Isn't Kim jun Un missing you by now. You talk just like him.

  6. AHH So, Kim Jong-CHUD.

  7. Biden, Pelosi and the Marxist Democrats label anyone carrying an American flag a terrorist and insurrectionist.

  8. Hey CHUD boi...Death to al seditious, LIBS, cop-murdering, Bidets.

  9. everyone who stormed the castle is a dumbass and needs to be prosecuted to the fullest


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