Kangaroo Newspaper Denounces Downtown Kansas City 'Ghost Building' FAIL

An interesting student hot take on a Downtown KCMO disaster. Even better, it's nice to see that not even college students believe the city hall lie which hopes for a new tenant.

Take a look . . .

KC squandered taxpayer money on empty building | University News

Tax increment financing isn't the sexiest subject. It sounds wonky. But if you can get past what it is and get to how it is used, things get juicy. We find city greed, corporate welfare and an outrageous use of our tax dollars. In short, tax increment financing (TIFs for short) are t ...


  1. Wow. A little university newspaper doing the star's job. Good for them. Shame on the star and all of its self aggrandizing editors and reporters.

  2. KCMO squanders taxpayer money (do they have any other kind?) as a matter of course. I'd be shocked at a headline that stated otherwise.

  3. Nice job by student journalists. It puts the Star's supposed professionals to shame.

  4. They also squandered money on the toy train, an empty airport, street painting and salaries for the mayor and council.


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