Kaldi Sells Plaza Coffee Shops

The coffee switcheroo is mostly biz hype. Meanwhile, COVID and riots have made it hard to earn a buck grinding beans.  

Reality check . . . Harsh times for the Plaza persist from top name retailers to lowly hipster baristas.

More deets here . . .

Messenger Coffee Co. opening 2 locations on the Plaza

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Messenger Coffee Co., known for its locally-roasted coffee, fresh-baked breads and three-story space on Grand Boulevard, announced it will open two more locations in Kansas City, Missouri. acquired the two Kaldi's Coffee locations on the Country Club Plaza. After a short rebranding and renovation period, Messenger anticipates dual grand openings in late April.


  1. We need more coffee shops so pickers can remain in their shithole countries and fight for the scraps

  2. Coffee and a weave two bits.


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